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Youtube account closed.

all known videos lost.




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The second newest comic maker in the group. His series, RED COMPANe, can be found on youtube. His Favorite CO (made by him) is John. He was inspired 100% by Eaglecris. (only because I saw his first, sorry Gem...)

BionicleManF makes his series using Microsoft paint and windows movie maker. He tries to keep the changes of each frame to a maximum three to allow for easy changing of the scene, if paint could hold more "undos", there might be more going on at a time, or just he's not skilled enough. He has only made 1 true action scene.

He is quite an expert at spriting, although he needs baselines to work off of, otherwise the sprite work goes nowhere fast.

Random Fact: despite being right handed, he wears his watch on his right hand, instead of his left (not recently, for it broke).

'Celestial' Phoenix


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Part time animator, works with flash cs5 to produce animated episodes. broadcast on youtube (realcelestialphoenix) and newgrounds (smartesthere). Latest series "fight sequence" boasts actual voices, and more explosions than you can count. 'Doom Squad is only available on youtube, expect an 'imaginative' use of the English language, and no plot.

Currently a full time student, as well as competing in 3 sports clubs (bowling, taekwondo and skydiving) and a mild *cough* video game addiction has left him with very little time for animating...



I am Deloryys, creator of Advance Wars Cinema. I began my work in 2008. Originally, for Episode 1, I hand-made all of the sprites just from carefully looking at the game. Shortly afterward I discovered a pretty cool sprite sheet and began building off that. By Episode 13 (I'll get to that in a second) my sprite library had over a hundred sprites and many dozens of still images of characters.

My animation process was long, painful, but effective. Up to and including Episode 11, I used Microsoft Paint and an animated GIF program. Yes, I would make each frame individually in Microsoft Paint. Then I would copy the frame and paste it into a new frame in the animated GIF. Then I would export the little clip into Windows Movie Maker to add a simple sound track and BOOM. That's how Episodes 1 -> 11 were made.

Episode 12 is different. For that, I imported my sprite sheet into Photoshop CS4 and cropped out all the white background. Then I carefully cropped every individual sprite from the image and put them on different layers. This way I wouldn't have to totally remake every frame but in stead just select Jerry, move him three or four pixels to the left, and copy the frame into the animate GIF again. This process, while still fairly time consuming, was a lot better looking and more efficient.

I do enjoy animating, and in fact that's exactly what I'm in school for. However, with school taking up more and more of my life alongside a new job I just don't have any free time for stuff like this anymore. :(

Someday, maybe... someday Advance Wars Cinema may make a comeback. But not in 2011, that's for sure.



Love Advance wars and Fire emblem <3<3<3

don't forget to Visit him in Youtube and subscribe.

Birthrate - 12/08/96 5:00AM

Music - Three days grace, Skillet, Breaking Benjamin, Bullet for my valentine, Ac/Dc, Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Usher, Enrique igelelsia(I like it), Daft Punk, Fall Out Boy, Coheed and cambria.



Creator of Black Hole's Fall. Now known as EagleAngelo.

Me? I'm name in every single game is eagle...therefore Eagle + Chris = EagleTaco




Youtube account closed. All known videos lost.


Gemstone Helix


Awesomeness. In a bucket.

Dunno who made that link, but I like it!

Gemstonehelix made "Bob Squad", the first advance wars comic on Youtube. Hasn't been active in years, however, because he's working on a book, and after about 23 episodes he ran out of ideas... Until he recently found an AWDoR duologue script online.

Likes to have funny things happen in battles.

Doesn't swear, or cuss, or whatever you want to call it.

Infantry Hawk

Infantryhawk (refurbished)


While Infantryhawk does an advance wars comic series, "Hurricane Squad", He has over 300 videos on his account, only 6 of which include hurricane squad in some way.

Hurricane squad hasn't been updated in well over a year (a year and a half for an actual numbered entry), but Hawk has said that the series is not done and that despite constant delays, he hopes to have Hurricane squad 5 out by early 2012.




The newest member, he has finished his series The Sturm Wars, with the longest known AW parody video ever (and he defies you to beat it. It's a whopping 58 minutes long), ranking him among the few who have been able to do so. He has finished with animating in his current style, and will likely never do so again. 

He was inspired by gemstonehelix (who is, in LordFhalkyn's opinion the original and the funniest), EagleChris, and realcelestialphoenix.

He used a program called Gimp for his episodes. It's kinda like Photoshop, only free.

Visit him on Deviantart to say hi, discuss random topics, or listen to him rant about... well, anything, really. Just don't expect him to be very active.

He also feels very weird talking about himself in the third person.


Luo1122 (refurbished)

An old


school moviemaker/aspiring comic maker relatively new to the scene. Working on learning more advanced ways to make videos such as flash. His series SturmChasers is uploaded on youtube, where it has modest success. His current most popular video is The Power of Money, a parody on Collins CO power. His favorite CO is Hawke, and was inspired mainly by Eaglecris and Gemstonehelix.






Account was removed due too being hacked. Returned to youtube as RareSpottedGamer, but has made little effort at continuing his series, advance wars: an ongoing dispute.


Orhun (refurbished)


Impressed by Gemstonehelix, a 14-year-old named Orhanuva made a series called 'Squad 13'. And by series, I mean a couple of episodes. He also produced a fully animated flash demo in preparation for the 3rd episode, which never finished.

Squad 13 episodes disappeared in 2009 when Orhanuva took down all his videos. They are due to be remade when he relaunches. It is currently unknown if they will be flash or slideshow.



A Comic artist and railfan who was inspired by Gemstonehelix and EagleChris to make his own series. He created the not so popular series Sturm's Return and Rail's Unit. Rail put himself as the main character in Rail's Unit and a support roll in Sturm's Return. His style shifts from sad and serious to funny and chaotic.

He is the awkward social outcast out of all the animators, only talking to the others every once in a while. Currently working on his first Advance Wars videos in almost two years.

Also runs the web comic Life As A Cut Out.


Made Tornado Squad



Changed his Youtube account to Flipazn777. removed all advance wars videos on his old account and hasn't uploaded them to his new one; new focus is Call of Duty.



Inspired by most of the other AW comedians, Tankspwnu decided to create lots of AW sprites to try and help aide in the making of other comedians comics, after awhile he decided to make one video and then start to work on another, but the second video was lost in a computer crash. Tankspwnu still is inspired to make more sprites, but has no ideas.