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Big Bertha Stats Stats

  • Cost: 30,000G
  • Movement Speed: 10 (only on roads and railroads)
  • Power: Equal to a megatank (main cannon); Equal to a Megatank (machine gun)
  • Defense: Equal to a neotank
  • Ammo: 9 (main cannon); infinite (machine gun)
  • Range: 2-10 squares.

A name given to the Black Cannon's predecessor. The prototype Big Bertha was immobile while deployed, but could fire exploding mortar rounds that ignored Red Sun units (even if they were accidently in the blast radius). Its only weakness was the barrel itself- by shooting down it, you could (if you were lucky) destroy the ammo depot. The weapon fired proto-missile-silo-missiles. They had the blast radius, but only did 1 damage.

The refined versions behaved more like deployable artillery, only being able to target 1 unit at a time. Additionally, due to their immense size, these massive weapons could only be transported by means of a flatbed truck or rail car.

Big Bertha's plans were eventually stolen by the Allied Nations, who used them to build their own. Following the war, Big Bertha was scrapped as "too expensive and impractical."