Welcome to my sprite page!

infantry sprites, $1, vehicle sprites, $5, and CO sprites $5000. LOL! Just kidding!

let's start off with my comic team, Red Company.

Red CompanyRed Company Humvee

how about some self advertizing?

BionicleManF sprite

Here is the sprite sheet of all of Red Company up to episode 13 (try to find the Easter Egg!)

Red Company sprite sheet

Sea BridgeSea Bridge CityRiver bridge in forestHill top

BH background

I am also working on CO sprites for the other Animators!

Animator CO

Animator CO DS

Here is a page of all my custom sprite (that are for AW, if there not, i keep them to myself)

Custom sprites


And a custom team I've been working on, White nebula!

White Nebula

and for Eaglecris, Gray Nebula animation sprite sheet! (work in progress)

Gray Nebula Land Units

and my CO remake sprite sheet!

CO Sprites and custom colours

CO Sprites and custom colours

CO Sprites custom colours DS

CO DoR Sprite sheet

and animator + custom CO sprite sheet!

CO Sprites and custom colours Animators

And here's infantryhawk's sprite sheet, refurbished with un-blurred sprites.

INFANTRIES version 2

and here is Pheonix's sprite sheet with new DS imitable sprites added (have fun pheonix!)

Pheonix's sprite 2

I took the AW1 Sturm and gave him the AW2 colours

1 with 2 colours

Wars World Industries, all branches

Wars World IndustriesWars World Industries Nutral

the sprite sheet from my Canadian studies final project

Our Canada sprite sheet


War TankLaz War TankRube War TankIDS War Tank

Gem asked for it, so... BAM!

Neo Sturm CO

something random i came up with

Flare Piper

here's something I've been working on, the Wars World Network News Crew!

Wars World Network anchors

and here's Eva and Danial of White Nebula

White Nebula CO

I have made a map view sprite sheet


here are some DoR Bikes because i forgot to include them in a package i gave to Gem

BikeBike LazBike RubBike IDS

for the full DoR sprite package, follow this link: Mediafire i forgot to rename the APCs to RIGs though. (don't tell Sturm!)

and here is a train and flak track i made while i was bored

Train carTrainAA Cannon

another one of my custom teams, Black Shadow, also has DoR units, here's a Flare


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