the list is in alphabetical order (other than the factions and COs)


LogoOrange Star

Often associated with America and its stereotypes. Home to some of the strangest COs around, with some appearing to be only in their teenage years.

Logo BMBlue Moon

Most see Blue Moon as parallel to Russia. COs tend to contrast against each other.

Logo GEGreen Earth

Country that represents Europe in the AW universe. Their COs are usually laid-back and noble.

Logo YCYellow Comet

An obvious manifestation of Asia, home to some of the funniest COs alive. Wot wot!

Logo BHBlack Hole

Small group of evil COs that has attacked the AW World. Their personalities are usually brutal and cold, and their infantry look like aliens along with their grotesquely shaped vehicles. Interestingly, though their vehicles appear to float, they are still affected by terrain.

Logo NutralNutral (or not from AW)

I found this while browsing through some ripped sprites, I assume it means neutral.

Logo BlankFauxstauff

Logo WFWhite Fudge

Logo GNGray Nebula

A powerful, new, very thrown together, military simply rebelling against the four nations and their ways.

Logo GLGreen Lantis

Logo WNWhite Nebula

In the future, all the factions joined together in hopes of creating the final form of peace, they were wrong (they are still the good guys, they were just, wrong).

LogoBSBlack Shadow

No words can describe the evil.

RedsunlogoRed Sun

The first rebels, back in the late '60s, when Hachi ruled Orange Star, Sensei still kicked butt, and Nell was just plain nasty. They weren't peaceful hippies, though- their weapons were so good, that after it fell, Black Hole plundered its technologies for their own use. Without a doubt, it was the strongest army of its time, possibly ever, even though it relied upon improving outmoded technology and using that to arm its forces (for example, zepplins for bombers, howitzers for artillery, and SCUDs for rockets), up to stealing the dreaded (and outlawed) nuclear missiles.

Red Sun had four commanders, one from each nation- including one veeeery familiar face...

Albrownia Logo

In spite of the spelling similarities with "Albania," this country seems more based off of Afghanistan. It is a minor nation full of perpetually angry people who love picking fights. It has been invaded and beaten up more times than any three nations combined. Many characters saw their first war here.

Violetnam Logo

A jungle country north of the Afuschian continent. It is based off of (surprise surprise) Vietnam. Its leaders claimed to be unbeatable due to its thick jungle terrain and savage guerilla fighters, but Fhalkyn of Red Sun (and later Lash and Hawke of Black Hole) proved them wrong by coming up with tactics to nullify Violetnam's advantages.

Days of Ruin

Brenner's WolvesBrenner's Wolves

A branch of the Rubinelle army formally known as the 12th battalion. It's COs are noble and good hearted, and the battalion's main goal is to re-establish a new human society after the meteors strike.

Top priority: save the world

RubinelleNew Rubinelle Army

Formally the Rubinelle army (that Brenner's Wolves was a part of), Admiral Greyfield takes control of the army and transforms it into a force of world domination. The New Rubinelle Army is full of snotty and corrupt people, and it assumes the world should still be at war, despite the fact that 90% of the population was wiped out by meteors.

Top priority: conquer the world


Lazuria has been enemies with Rubinelle for over 100 years, and no apocalypse is going to change that! Despite the heavy casualties on both sides, Lazuria continues fighting with the "Rubes" after the meteor strike. The COs tend to be very intense, either in a silent or outwardly aggressive way.

Top priority: destroy the Rubinelle... 's world

Intelligent Defense SystemsIDS

An international defense agency whose main goal is to "study" human behavior in times of crisis, but under new command desided that it wasn't "hands on" enough (and also became evil). It is led by Caulder and his cloned children, a mad scientist who enjoys studying very inhumane topics /SPOILER/ due to the fact that he is a mad clone who killed his creator. /SPOILER/ IDS is known for creating WoMD (inspired by owls) and a sickness that turns people into flowers. They nearly wipe out the human population in their "studies."

Top priority: ruin the world

Beast TeamBeast Team

They eat your cookiez, THEN steal them! They plunder for no apparent reason. They are essentially humans reduced to animals.

Top Priority: if it ain't nailed down, steal it!



Logo NutralNutralDefaction

defection is when a CO changes his/her allegiance to another Faction, symbolized with the original faction symbol being behind (left of) the current faction.

Power List

a power list is a chart showing a COs day to day abilities, showing attack power and range or movement bonuses. Except for Days of Ruin COs, they don't have DtD abilities, so there Power chart is based off of there CO aura, showing attack and defense power.

the bar at neutral stands for 100% in that field. Max 200%, min 0%

Power List Example


In each series, there is at least one appearance by an Advance Wars CO, each co is different and expressed in unique ways, commonly out of the CO's normal behavior (either matching or contrasting).




An incredibly questionable CO, who has the intelligence of a 4 year old and a "fix it all" wrench.

Andy Power List




Over-sized direct combat king. Lack of intelligence (and patience) makes his indirect units less effective.

Max Power List




World champ of infantry based attack, also defeated max at arm wrestling.

Sami Power List




Incredibly lucky head of Orange Star. Acts as a mentor to the other Orange Star COs.

Nell Power List


A black market trader who can purchase all his units for dirt cheap prices. {C}


Hachi Power List


A hipster CO with an attitude. Cannot speak proper English to save his life. Enjoys very loud music.



Jake Power List


Nell's airheaded, overeager younger sister.



Rachel Power List

Logo BMOlaf

For some reson Flak thinks he is a CO of Black Hole


Olaf Power List

Logo BMGrit



Often laid back and the voice of reason in Blue Moon. At times almost goes insane with the antics of Olaf and Colin. A skilled sharp shooter and can shoot objects from a good distance away.

Grit Power List

Logo BMColin



Rich little boy that seems even less qualified for the job than Andy. Makes it through with his incredibly over-powered CO powers.

He has been trying to eat his way into becoming Olaf, with strangely little success.

Colin Power List

Logo BMSasha

Colin's older sister, and a slightly better commander. Maybe she actually did her homework instead of eating.



Sasha Power List

Logo YCKanbei



A British Asian. Nothing more can be said about this amazing bi-ethnicity CO.

Kanbei Power List

Logo YCSonja

Kenbei's daughter. Usually tries to reign in her father's eccentric personality.



Sonja Power List

Logo YCSensei



Cursed with a generic name that is further enhanced by his lack of personality.

Sensei Power List

Logo YCGrimm

Anything but.



Grimm Power List

Logo GEEagle

The imapient chief pilot of Green Earth.



Eagle Power List

Logo GEDrake

An overweight ex-pirate who is somehow a master surfer.



Drake Power List

Logo GEJess

A calm redhead who often breaks the fourth wall.



Jess Power List

Logo GEJaviar

A recent addition. Not much is known.



Javier Power List

Logo BHFlak

Black Hole's idiot powerhouse.



Flak Power List

Logo BHLash

Resident Evil...Scientist.



Lash Power List

Logo BHAdder



Your run-of-the-mill CO. Overly obsessed with his face. Gullible (Flak, of all people, convinced him to fight the factory battle with Infantry, T-Copters, and Cruisers).

Adder Power List

Logo BHHawke



Hawke is the second in command of Black Hole. He is the only one who takes his job seriously. A competent C.O. but his plans are usually ruined by his bumbling lessors. He often plans and wishes on killing Sturm and taking over Black Hole. And remember, if he ever asks for a drink... give, him, Black, Coffee... never anything else.

Hawke Power List

Logo BHSturm



Sturm is the big-bad, Uber-evil, robot-man and supreme overlord of Black Hole, he is usually thinking irrationally and is second to Flak in the stupid category, even though, he is still about 50 IQ points higher.

He is commonly given funny super power replacements from his original, "Meteor Strike". These include: "Meteor Sturm", "eaT Pie", "PlunGe", "INTERUPT", "you know, THAT WAS MY PARTY CAKE!", "DISTRACTIVE DANCE PARTY", "DESCRETE ESCAPE", "OOPS!!! *trips*", "BRING IT ON! I CAN EAT AN EXTPANEOUS OF FOOD! PLEASE PASS THE BUTTER", "Meteor ooogaaaahhhh!!!!!", "TV ATTACK!", "Meteor This Guy!", "NUCLEAR LUNCH!!!", "ZZZZZZZZ", "SNOW FALL", "I dnt knw wy I do ths! LOL!", "METEOR STURM (cake insted becuse of clown hat)", "Meteor Strum", "You Cheated!", "DELITOUS!!!", ? "Meteor Fool" (apparently causes him to ride a unicycle while juggling four watermelons and singing the song that gets on everybody's nerves), " Not today, BUDDY!!!!!", and "Be Fixed" (Sturm clone superpowers, "Such power... I regret crushing it!", "Meteor Sturm!", "BURNING EARTH!". "You shall tremble before my power!", "Winter Fury!", "Meteor Sturm!!!", "Would you like fries with that?", "METEOR FUNERAL")

Apparently, all of Sturm's CO powers can also be accessed through his hat. Don't wear it. EVER.

Sturm Power List



Logo BHJugger

Flak's robotic clone.

Jugger Power List

Logo BHKoal

In spite of being Asian, he has no British accent whatsoever.



Koal Power List

Logo BHKindle

Overly obsessed with shopping. Not much else is known.



Kindle Power List

Logo BHVon Bolt

Von Bolt

Von Bolt

An old man on life support who desires to rule the world. Although he is supposed to be Sturm's replacement, he and Sturm often are shown co-existing, creating a paradox in the AW timeline.

Von Bolt Power List

Brenner's WolvesBrenner



A honorable and optimistic man, Brenner is the leader of the 12th battalion who tries to save as many people as possible after the meteors. His unfaltering sense of duty and almost naive outlook on people drives his life /SPOILER/ and ends up being his downfall. /SPOILER/

Brenner Power List

Brenner's WolvesWill



Young cadet from Rubinelle who somehow survives the meteors, having a building fall on him, contact with the flower virus, being chased by a beast, a madman, a crazy scientist, and ends up saving the world... He takes after Brenner greatly, often quoting him.

Will Power List

Brenner's WolvesLin



Calculating tactician who contrasts with the rest of the 12th battalion. Not very nice, but very reliable. The only time she seems to show any emotion is when she is with Isabella or making fun of Will.

Lin Power List

Intelligent Defense SystemsBrenner's WolvesIsabella



Strange amnesiac blue haired girl who has an aura of mystery around her. Found by Will hiding in a building after the meteors.

Isabella Power List


Boring, revenge obsessed girl who has uber powerful air units.

Tasha Power List


A strong-but-silent artillery specialist who talks too much.



Gage Power List


The aging, but still potent, Lazurian leader.

Forsythe Power List


"The skies belong to me, brother man!"

Waylon Power List


Large and in charge.



Greyfield Power List

Brenner's WolvesRubinelleDavis

A coward who usually has no clue what he's getting into.



Davis Power List

Beast TeamThe Beast

His entire character an be summed up in one phrase: "GRAHHHURGUSGAU!"


The Beast

TheBeast Power List

Intelligent Defense SystemsPenny

Always obeys Mister Bear.



Penny Power List

Intelligent Defense SystemsTabitha

If you thought Sasha was snooty...



Tabitha Power List

Intelligent Defense SystemsCaulder

A crazed mad scientist. Would that make him a "mad mad scientist?" (OK, fine, even I admit that was a bad joke.)



Caulder Power List

Intelligent Defense SystemsNutralCyrus

Caulder's son. Really just an average guy /SPOILER/ with a sense of justice that becomes his downfall /SPOILER/

NutralDr. Morris

Dr. Morris

Dr. Morris

A fat guy whose knowledge is only rivaled by his awful jokes.


Advance Wars: the Black Shadow

Logo Bio

Bio TBSHis armour is made of a Incredibly rare (actually, all that he wears is all that exists in the universe) mineral called Emberite, it gets this name because when power is surging through it (Like CO Power), shadows cast onto it are a light orange instead of gray, it also amplifies the power. Emberite is also indestructible. It exists in his helmet, in his armour vest, and in his knee pads.

Hit Any form of Victory

Miss Waving the white

Skill His units have 15% more attack power, but his infantry are slightly stronger at 25%. Mechs have 20% more defense.

PowerFighting SpiritPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerM

All units Gain 10% more attack and defence and can move one space further.

PowerSFreedom SpiritPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMSPowerMSPowerMSPowerMSPowerMS

All units gain 20% more attack and defense, can move two spaces further, and can move again, twice if they haven't already.

Bio Power List

Psychic Abilities

Bio has strong psychic abilities, allowing him to perform many tasks most would see as impossible


Bio has the ability to turn his psychic powers into a physical energy, which he mainly uses as a form of attack. These attacks mainly take the forms of blue beams or spheres. When strong enough or when he is not focused enough, these attacks give off seemingly electrical discharges.

one of his heightened psychic powers lets him  chonoshift anything into, out of, and around existence using only his mind, no chronosphere involved. The only living thing he can chronoshift though is himself, witch is a very hard task.
Antimatter shield

Bio is capable of surrounding himself with a barrier made of Antimatter, anything that touches it is instantly vaporized! He can only hold the shield up for 3 seconds, with a recharge time 10X that of what he held it up for. The shield is unable to move from it's position while up, Bio compensates by pulsing the shield; throwing it down, than removing it right away. This increases the time he can have the shield to 6 seconds, but the total time the shield exists is still only 3 seconds, so all incoming objects have a 50% chance of getting though.

This ability became obsolite when Bio gained the ability Aura.


This phenomenon occurs when Bio has exhausted his psychic energy during combat, but continues to use it. Silver-blue tendrils grow out of his back which use his psychic power for him, but these tendrils cause him constant pain while existing. The pain increases until the tendrils whither away. There are to ways that cause the psytendrils to whither; ether after Bio has passed out from having the tendrils for too long or from losing in combat, or after being psychicly inactive/relaxed for a while. The Psytendrils became obsolete after Bio achieved the Psy. Ability, Aura.


Bio gained the ability known as Aura after defeating his Subconscious Evil.

Aura allows Bio to heighten his abilities at anytime by a massive proportion. The known types of Aura are: Neutral (gray), Heightened (blue), Mighty (red) and Powerful (orange).

Neutral's passive increases Bio's state of mind, visually seen as an upward breeze. It's active protects Bio from harm, seen as fast circling streams.

Heightened's passive gives Bio incredible stamina, seen as long hair along his back. It's active creates a seismic field around Bio, allowing him to control gravity's pull on him, increasing his speed, seen as sharp wind on the willed body part (usually legs), he can use this to float gently to the ground and jump high into the air, or dash incredible distances in a very short time.

Mighty's passive grants Bio more endurance, able to perform a laboring task for longer periods, seen as water running along his body. It's active boosts Bio's strength exponentially. able to pound holes in building with a single punch, or even catapult heavy tanks with a heave, visually seen as intense fire emanated from the affected muscles.

Powerful's passive increases Bio's psychic power or recharges his energy, seen as a upward circling wind. It's active greatly increases the power of his psychic attacks, seen as orange energy instead of blue.

Logo NutralWars World Network

Wars World Network minithe international news station of Wars World, think of it as CNN. The anchors of WWN are: Jen Parker, the main anchor, Natalie Crowshaw, the weather woman and co-anchor, and Robert Barkman the field reporter.

Isn't it interesting that, fictional or not, news workers have very 'ear candy' names?

Logo NutralWars World Industries

Wars World Industries Nutral
Wars World Industries is a neutral weapons company with branches all across Wars World. Each main branch uses Black Hole's abandoned mass factories and are associated with each nation it's on, even Black Hole has a branch of WWi, although Bio is highly against it, WWi makes the most profit off of Black Hole, so they have no plans of cutting off that branch any time soon.

Recently, Orange star's branch had a security overhaul a few days after Bio made a top secret order. Media has been denied one square mile of access around the facility.

Logo WNWhite Nebula

A mysterious army that came from the future sent back in time by Black shadow (Future Black Hole). In the Future, the Great Malesturm (Meteor Apocalypse that happened in AW4) caused the four Nations to fall apart, as a last resort, they came together to become one nation, White Nebula was born. They hold with them, a Black shadow device Known as the Fusion Device. It is able to fuse things to different timelines, they are trying to figure out how to reverse it's effect to return home.

WN DoR Power List

Logo WNEva: Heavy Weapons CO

Eva CO
a White Nebula CO that focuses on the firepower of stronger units.

she is very serious all the time, the shenanigans and lollygagging of the present day COs really grinds her gears.

Hit Luger Artillery Pistol Eva

Miss 21st Century People

Skill powerful units (Neo Tanks, Mega Tanks, Gega Tanks, Rockets, Missiles, Battleships, Bombers, Stealths, Pipe Runners, and ELITES) get an attack boost of 10%

Power Power Serge PowerMPowerMPowerMPowerM

powerful units get an attack boost 0f 20%, all other units get a boost of 5%

PowerS Overload PowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMSPowerMSPowerMSPowerMSPowerMS

powerful units get an attack boost of 30%, all other units get a bonus of 10%

Eva Power List

Logo WNDanial: Armour CO

Danial CO
a White Nebula CO that focuses on armour and defense

he isn't as rough as Eva, but he hates Black Hole to the Core. He is related to Max. Although Eva replaces her armour and uniform even if there is a spec of dirt on it (exaggeration), Danial prefers to show off his armour scars relying on his welding torch to keep it strong after years of punishment.

Hit Welding Torch

Miss String and Needle

Skill 5% defense armour strength to all units

Power Battle Armour PowerMPowerMPowerM

all units have 10% defense armour and 5% attack armour for the turn

PowerS Armour Lock PowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMSPowerMSPowerMSPowerMS

all units get 20% defense armour and 15% attack armour for the turn

Danial Power List

Logo WNEmberClad (Planned, not seen yet)

Ember Clad
this machine is the reincarnation of Future Bio when he died from an ambush from General ion.
Ember speech

he has no emotion and has been designed secretly by Future Bio with the sole function to protect the current Bio from death, but he will soon learn he has more functions then that.

Upon Bio's death in the future, a top secret project was revealed to Eva called Project EmberClad (named after Bio's Emberite armour). Upon study it revealed a facility with the sole purpose of bringing Bio back to life, but nothing specific. After Bio was put in what was believed to be a regeneration chamber, the facility was locked down and hidden again. What no one was aware of was that Bio's body was actually decompiled and mixed with machinery. EmberClad was the result.

Logo BHLogoBSIon

Ion CO
IonIon is a former Black Hole ELITE that considers himself Bio's true rival, and even calls him "Brother" in combat, he claims this because they are almost the same in every way, Black Hole standard duplication tactics. He has a never ending lust for power and would have killed Sturm in his sleep to get it, if it weren't for the fact that he went rouge because he considers all of Black Hole inferior. Ion is capable to using energy attacks just like Bio, only his are red instead of blue.

Hit No signs of life in sight

Miss That one flower that's not a crater

Skill units have a 10% attack bonus if they haven't moved when they attack.

PowerIron FistPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerM

all units move one space further, all direct attack units get an attack bonus of 15%, and all ranged fire one space further, units that have not moved when attacking get an extra bonus of 10%.

PowerSNo MercyPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMSPowerMSPowerMSPowerMSPowerMS

all units move one space further, all direct attack units get an attack bonus of 30%, all ranged fire two spaces further, units that have not moved when attacking get an extra bonus of 10%, and any unit that has attacked before activation of SCOP can attack again (does not add the bonus for not moving if moved before activation).

Ion Power List

LogoBSGeneral Ion (planned, not seen yet)

Clolour Scheme Alt -1
Ion FutureIon from the future and the leader of Black Hole's successor, Black Shadow. He took an ion cannon to the face (literally) from Bio, the damage was so severe, that his core memory unit had to be moved to a normal ELITE platfrom, General Ion Swore vengance on Bio. when Black shadow sent White Nebula back in time he decided to go along with, with a whole armada at his disposal, to cause some mayhem. The gun he holds looks like a minigun, but it is actually a potable Death laser with rotary cooling barrels... a Minigun laser...

Mecha Ion

Mecha Ion


Staticed logo
Snap (Planned, not seen yet)

Snap Face sprite
An evil being that dwells inside of Bio, and is also the source of his power. Named for the circumstances             that make him be, Snap takes over Bio's body when his physic powers and mental state are pushed over their limits, resulting in Snap taking over Bio's body. You can see the inner struggle between Bio's soul and Snap over control when Snap bleeds. Snap is so powerful only Bio can harm him, but only when Snap is distracted.

Upon the first few seconds of takeover, Bio can be 'snapped out of it' reversing the affects and retuning Bio to normal. Every 10 seconds the odds of successfully snapping Bio out of it are cut in half, it becomes impossible after 1 minute.

Upon Snap's permanent defeat and destruction, Bio gains the psychic ability known as Aura. This unlocks the full potential of Bio's psychic power.

Advance Wars 4: Black Hole's Fall

notable/custom characters

Logo GNExecutioner

Executioner someone in youtube requested me to feature him on an episode, here's the result

Notable/Custom COs


Sami sprite she is unofficially the main protagonist of Black Hole's Fall


Rachel spritehas lost her marbles from the lack of militarily discipline in Orange Star army, do anything not related to the mission and expect a lot of pain.

Logo GNNaruto Uzumaki

Naruto...BELIEVE IT!

Logo GNPie

Pie An evil Pie motivated only by revenge to take on the allied nations, he's Gray Nebula's mastermind.

Logo GNParis Hilton

Made mostly as a joke for a good friend...she just occupies a space in the 3 COs nation.

Logo GNAlexandra

Alexandra Paris Hilton's replacement. Even though recently hasn't done much aside from shooting Drake, her motivation to take on the Allied nations is strong.

Advance Wars Cinema

yet to be edited by Deloryys

Bob Squad

LogoCommander "Chief"

Commander ChiefCaptain of the Bob Squad.

LogoRyan 1337

Ryan 1337A dyslexic LEET.


Tiffanyyou can't tell by first glance, but Tiffany is 100% a girl.


Jacksondoes some inventing.


BobThe strangest person on the squad. Does random things.

Logo BHLogoLogo WFSturm

Sturm BobSDefects to a new nation he makes himself, named White Fudge, because he felt like it, but not before joining Orange Star in order to make his new nation more inconspicuous. Or was that more spontaneous?

Sturm WF Power List


Bob Squad Bomber Please, for your own safety, if your are not a member of Bob Squad, do not stand within a 10 mile radus of it, even if it's landed!

Temporary cast

Logo BHSelf cloning infantry

Cloning cloneWhen I couldn't think of anything funny to do, I visually made a replicating soldier.


RustyBob Squad briefly had a tank at their disposal. This is it.

Logo BMDelta Squad

Delta SquadOnly seen in episodes 4 and 5, giving Bob squad instructions, and episode 16, where hey were trained by confused Black Hole troops. Had the self cloning infantry in their ranks.

Logo YCTheta Squad

Theta Squad 3 of the 5 members of Theta Squad were never named, but it's still nice to mention them.

Logo YCCorncob

CorncobA member of Theta Squad who tried to get away with people beleving he was an inventor... Didn't go so well.

Logo YCTom

Tom Tom is a sentient recon in the Theta Squad. Only Corncob can notice the fact that he is a recon.

Logo BHArtillary Squad Leader

Logo BHRecon Squad Leader

Logo BHHerman the Recon

Logo WFSturm Clones

Sturm Clonesthere have been a total of 84 Clones throughout the series.

custom C.O.'s

Logo BHAvacado

AvacadoYes, he's a C.O.

Avacado Power List

Logo WFCataclysmically Uncreative

CUOr C.U. for short. Picture Flak. Now take his brain out, and replace it with a random number genereator. This is C.U.. He managed to become a C.O., and Sturm has hated him ever since, BLORTT!!!

CU Power List

Logo BHDulci

DulciPronounced "Dull-see". A robot like Sturm. Not the most unique character, but I wanted to make one.

Logo WFExplosion

ExplosionWas hired for Sturm's new nation. He stays quite alive for an explosion.

Logo WFSimmons

SimmonsSimmons the Neotank. Awesome.

Simmons Power List

Logo BHTexas

TexasYou think I'm joking?

'Doom Squad

yet to be edited by Celestial Phoenix- has just been edited by celestial phoenix, lol?

This is kinda difficult as the characters change from episode to episode, but are generally like warped, immature versions of their counterparts in Fight Sequence...

Fight Sequence


Average semi-intelligent cannon fodder, can operate a variety of vehicles- and are generally considered expendable. Can be dangerous in large numbers, and form the majority of an army.

LogoOrange Star- Advanced Tactics

Logo BMBlue Moon- Power through Numbers, Untrained

Logo YCYellow Comet- Highly Trained, Limited numbers

Logo GEGreen Earth- Blitzkrieg, Expirimental techniques

Logo BHBlack Hole- Merciless, Efficient

Logo BHClones

Cyborg Sturm Clones produced by black hole- they have a wide variety of upgrades and modifications available, and unlike infantry, some can make intelligent decisions- and a few could even give a C.O a run for his money. {C}Mechanical Cobra Clones, 3 identical copies of Adder, fitted with levitation engines.

Special Infantry and equipment

{C}Special Infantry squads that has been trained by an animator- often forming close knit units. Expect many surprises by these guys- they are well prepared and know how to utilize the custom equipment supplied by their respective animator. "Go Go Random Semtex!!!"

Thunderpies: A bunch of sentient rocket propelled pies, took part in a kamikaze mission in FSI

Cardboard Army: The Brain child of Olaf, Cheap decoy units to draw out enemy fire. can be blown over in the wind.

Fast Response Units: Custom Bombers of Orange Star used to rapidly ship troops and tanks to battle. Each carries two fighters under the wings.


Seasoned warriors and expert fighters with an army at their fingertips. Under extreme situations they can activate their S.C.O.P. and become even stronger. These guys are nearly impossible to kill, and should not be provoked. Seriously. These guys eat explosions for breakfast.

LogoSami Imassen:-Special Infantry and Tactics

Units:- Infantry and transport specialty- everything else lacks power and efficiency.

Notes:- Can beat Max at arm wrestling.

Logo YCKanbei Winsor:-Emperor of Yellow Comet

Units: Stronger than normal, but high cost and long producing and training makes these a very limited resource.

Notes- Lost the use of his right arm in an accident involving a cat...

Logo YCSonja Winsor:-Kanbei's Daughter, Waitress, Tea Girl, Butler, tactician and Sock Organizer.

Units: Equipped with enhanced vision, thermal sensors and night vison goggles.

Notes- Makes a splendid cup of tea.

Logo BMColin Anyatov:- From Russia with money

Units: Power through numbers, swarm tactics, heavy duty rounds

Notes - Was kicked in the face by a horse, had a lisp ever since

Logo BMIvanhoff "Grit" Tymat:- The man with the long barrel

Units: Long range and supurb accuracy.

Notes: No depth perception, but can still hit aircraft with an artillary round. But he still can't think why no-one wants to play him at darts.

Logo BHFlak Gunn:-A Donkey in charge of Lions

Units: Pack more firepower, but lack the accuracy to use it.

Notes- Who let someone this stupid be in charge? (apart from that he's a bit of a grammer nazi, and is poor at it)

Logo BHAdder Bagschott:-Tactician, Coward

Units: Fast Deployment (faster retreat too)

Notes- Created 3 mechanical clones of himself, each given the same name- "cobra".

Logo BHLash Estine:-Inventor, Tactician,

Units:- Defense and Offense proportional to terrain.

Notes- Easily angered, loathes sexism. Very sensitive about her weight.


Near god-like fighting ability. The presence of one can turn the tide of war, however are often reluctant to get involved with 'mere squabbles'

Logo GE"Phoenix" (real name unknown)

Preferred weapon: Bazooka, Phoenix Blade (Double ended war axe)

Notes: Very hot-headed, likes to dive into the action without regard for personal safety


Preferred weapon: Fully automatic four-barrelled shotgun.

Notes: Can never touch the ground, instead levitates just above it.


Preferred weapon: Mini Gun, Wrist Blade

Notes: Foward planning and physic power allows him to work out what is needed just ahead of time.

Logo BMInfantry Hawk

Preferred weapon Twin Flail, Mace

Notes: Can't dodge bullets, but they seem to curve past him.

(I'll finish this when I make the episode that will use this)

Hurricane Squad

A series by Infantryhawk that has went nearly 2 years without a new episode. While Infantry has confirmed the series isn't over, he's doesn't want to say any date as to when the next episode will be out due to the fact that every release date over the last 2 years has ended up delayed.

The plot is about a blue moon squad, Hurricane squad. (since he was inspired by Gemstonehelix, he didn't want to use an orange star squad, and instead used his second favorite nation) Hurricane Squad originally consisted of:

Logo BMInfantry (M.K.)


Logo BMLogo GLan infantry unit who later defects to "Green Lantis" (Who at the moment, is unnamed.)


Logo BMNej (who originally was named Jen) The Mech


Logo BMJoe The Mech


Logo BMBob the Artillery (later becomes a binocular infantry named Biden.)

Bob the ArtilleryBiden

Logo BMEarsix


So far their orders have been to go to Yellow Comet, but due to a faulty map from AW1, they ended up thinking they were going to Green Earth, actually got to Yellow Comet, accidentally invaded, and retreated to Blue Moon. In the last plot episode, Hurricane Squad met up with Green Lantis, attacked their way through Yellow Comet, and arrived on the shores of Green Earth.

Olaf's Quest

(note: Olaf's Quest continues the Bob Squad 'storyline', but real meteors have come and has set them all in a 'Days of Ruin' setting [because I just borrowed Days of Ruin from someone, so now the series can continue :D])

Brenner's WolvesOlaf

Olaf questThe main survivor of the meteors, his quest is to find out who is still alive, and to possibly remake Blue Moon if able.

Brenner's WolvesWill

William Ronaldo Hoshkins Macintyre BrovadVery depressed and cowardly to the entire end of the world situation

Brenner's WolvesBrenner

Brenner O'BrianHas an obsession with canned bread

Brenner's WolvesLin

OQ Linhas yet to play an important role

Beast TeamBeast

BeastEven dumber than Flak.

Beast TeamBH DoR LogoGadianton

GadiantonWill do anything for The Beast, Sir! Including waffles!


ROGERShe couldn't remember her name, so she was named Barnaby by Sturm, she later renamed herself to ROGER after a flower she found.

BH DoR LogoBarnaby

BarnabyColin was also renamed to Barnaby by Sturm, despite still remembering his own name.

BH DoR LogoSturm 2.0

Neo SturmOnce ruled the world. Will probably try to reclaim it again.

Sturm 2.0 Power List

Intelligent Defense SystemsCaulder

OQ Caulderensuing chaos on the land by dropping Flaks from planes.


Beast's father


Beast's Mother

Rail's unit

Logo1st Lt. Railin D. Machanic

The lowest ranked C.O. in the Orange Star Army, Rail got a C.O. commission due to his mechanical skills and ability to keep to a tight schedule. Hot headed and quick at making decisions he often has to clean up his own mess. A big railfan, Rail is easily distracted by any sign of trains.

Hit Being on Time, Trains

Miss Being late, Planes

Due to his training in diesel and growing up in harsh conditions, all diesel powered units have increased power and don't suffer weather penalties while all other non-infantry unit suffer twice weather penalties and lack of power. (In translation, Day to day powers: All non infantry land units, Crusirs, Landers, Black Boats, And Battle Ships are 20% stronger [Attack and Deffence] and arn't affected by wether penaltys. While all Air units, Subs, and Birdfarms [Carriers] are 10% weaker than normal and burn 2 more fuel per day and wether penaltys double)

PowerLefthand drivePowerMPowerMPowerMPowerM converts all units to adjust to left handed people, so Rail can use them better. Increases Power of all Diesel units. (Translation: CO Power: All non infantry land units, Crusiers, Landers, Black boats, and Battle Ships are another 20% Stronger from Rail's base strengeth.)

Power Quotes- Phfiff.. you're annoying, Girruff... , weesh...

PowerSSteam RiggerPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMSPowerMSPowerMSPowerMS Infuses All units with the power of the steam locomotive and increases all units power and randomly changes the weather. (Translated: Super CO Power: All non infantry land units, Crusiers, Landers, Blackboats, and Battle ships are 40% stronger than Rail's base stats and the wether randomly changes to something else and stays like that for one day.)

Super Power Quotes- I'll burn ya like coal! , Piiiiiiiphfff!!! , Off the tracks, NOW!!!

Rail Power List

(It is rummered that rail was part of a government experiment when he was six and that he was excepted into the army is so that they could keep a good eye on him.)

LogoSrgt.Mjr. Greg F. Hulagan

Srgt.Mjr. Greg F. HulaganRail's second in command, Greg is old enough to be Rail's father but has a high respect for his commander. He is calm and cool and can kick but when needed.

LogoSargent Jefferson A. Olgan

Sargent Jefferson A. OlganBeing the complete opposite of Greg, Jeff is a loudmouth young gun who has no respect for the rest of his comrades. Often gets his but kick by Muffins.

LogoLnc.Crpl. Markus O. N. Hagguse

Lnc.Crpl. Markus O. N. HagguseThe silent one of the group, Mark is trying to advance to Sargent like his father did but can't due to Jeff's bad beaver. He secretly plot's Jeff's death.

LogoPrivet Muffins W. Markavick

Privet Muffins W. MarkavickRail's best friend, Muffins often gets made fun of due to his first name and used to speek 1337 until he took speech lessons. Often kicks Jeff's butt.

Logo NutralLogoLeon

LeonCharacter from Resident Evil series, some how got on War's World and somehow brought zombies with him. Joined Rail in his quest to destroy them.

Logo NutralLogoSnake

SnakeCharacter from Metal Gear Solid series. Often provides intel to Rail for the situation at the time.

LogoCapt. "Hawkeye" Machanic

Highly complainteve and lazy. The only reasons he's a C.O. is because he is good with electronics and Rail is his older brother. Hawkeye is part of Orange Stars R&D Department where he often tinkers with things. He doesn't get along with his brothers at all and angers every one with his constant complaining. Got his nickname Hawkeye for his ability to pick out others mistakes yet oblivious to his own.

Hit Complaining

Miss His Older Brothers

Due to constant tinkering his units have increased power and are repaired quicker but have a chance of loosing all power and his Power meter fills extremely slow due to his extreme laziness. (Translation: Day to day power: All units are 30% more powerful than base, but have a 35% chanceof doing no damage and all units when repaired are restord 2 more HP than normal, His CO meter fills up twice as slow as Hawke's.)

PowerSodder Gun PowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerM Increases power of all units but also increases the chance of loosing all power of units. (Translation: All units power is increased to 45%, but the chance of causing no damage is up to 45%) "Your face is stupid!, Can you just give up already?, This is getting boring."

PowerSElectro Mash PowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMPowerMSPowerMSPowerMSPowerMSPowerMSPowerMSPowerMSPowerMS Greatly increases the power of all units and repairs them by one, but also increases the chance of units loosing all power.(Translation: All uits power is turned up to 65% but the chance of loseing all power is up to 55%) "You're annoying!, meh..., You know what? Your face!"

Hawkeye Power List

Opil McKinzey

Rail's girlfriend. The only known person to have a shorter temper than Rail. A skateboarder and tugth girl, she often bullies gards or jumps fences to bases enugth that to avoid security issuse, she is labled as Rail's beaficeary, even though they are still dateing. She is most easly angerd by being made fun of about her "diffrent" skin color.


no one in Red Company actually have names but I will give them nicknames so you can tell who from who.

Photos of the team of Red Company are from episode 9 and after.


Privitehe is always asking questions. Is the only one in the group who can fully understand Lolspeak, so he translates Gunner LOLz when needed.


CorperalHe is usually a smart alike. He sometimes switches places with Gunner LOLz. He has the alternate identity of an epic failing super hero known as Super Red. He also has a very weak bladder, vibrations like a motor are some of the things that make him loose it.


SargeHe is a naturally born leader, but the rest of red company aren't naturally born followers.

He dreams of one day being an Infantry specialized CO. then he remembers that Sami has taken that role already...

Everyone hates his "movement blocked!" ringtone, due to it's loud, high-pitched sound.

LogoGunner LOLz

Gunner LOLzThe gunner of the group. He talks in lolspeak. He once dared most of Red Company to eat C4, that's why there are only 5 members (left) in Red Company. Despite not being a CO, he can still use CO powers.

He also has the ability to pull a laptop and wooden box out of thin air, witch he then uses to "mod" the situation to give him the advantage, whether that be deleting/nerfing the enemy's COP, or buffing his own and Orange Star's power. Or just to play some C&C.

His weapon is actually a vary powerful experimental weapon known as the HAXOR Cannon, he can only unlock it's hidden potential in dire circumstances though.

He is the cousin of Bob Squad's Ryan 1337.


Pilotnot much is known about him except the fact that he loves his car.

Despite living in his car, doing EVERYTHING in it, barely ever leaving it, he has quite an impressive tan.

He is agoraphobic (afraid of the outside world), to avoid having to exit his vehicle outside to go inside somewhere, he makes his own entrances. *CRASH!*

Logo Bio

BioThe CO in command of Red Company, he usually shows up when the situation is too tough for the guys to win by screwing up. Everyone but Sarge actually think he is a member of Red Company and don't realize he's the CO, other times they forget.


Nell RCNell is responsible for Red Company when Bio is indisposed

LogoNell's Clerk

Nell's Clerkto some it up, a high ranked officer with a really crummy job.

Nell gave him a Gega tank for his birthday. yes, it is and he was the one that drove the Gega tank built in thirty seconds in episode 8.

Has since been reassigned to Orange Company seen in episode 16.

LogoOrange Company

Orange CompanyBriefly seen in episode 16, was thought to have been annihilated by a SCUD Missile but made an appearance in the next episode.


Heavy Infantry
Was originally Nell's clerk, but was fired due to Nell's eventual dislike of him. Clark might not be his actual name as it was an improvisation on almost saying his name was clerk, however with the mindset of this team he probably could have also convinced them his name was Avocado or something.

He can be considered the exact opposite of Sarge in that he has no leader skills whatsoever.


Mech unit
His real name is James but he insists every one call hime George. He is somewhat of a idiot but other then that he is just a blissful happy guy.


Conor is laid back and is the most rational of the group. No one really knows who he is though as he's always wearing his p'y'rotective mask. (bad pun)


Armoured Rocket
Timmy is a sentient Rocket/MD Tank hybrid who is aperently related to George.

No 5th member

Due to Clark's lack of understanding how things work, he forgot 1 member which makes his squad illegitimate.

RedWhiteBlue StarShieldEagleGeneral Townes

General Townesmakes a short appearance, Is in charge of Red Company during episodes 13-14. Left after the team got tired of him and Gunner LOLz defeated him on C&C generals.


somehow, the GLA have found there way into Wars World, and are trying to claim it as there own.

GLADr. Thrax

Dr. Traxspearfronting the GLA invasion of Wars World, Dr. Thrax is trying to prove his worth as a General after his humiliating defeat in Europe.

GLADr. Sturm

When Dr. Thrax's Scud Storm hit him and his allies in episode 19, it lodged the head of the Sturm clone into his back, now he's stuck with it ans is CO partner. It likes to call COs 'Great Leader' and drops the R when pronouncing Thrax.


After the GLA's Ivasion of Warsworld, China sent it a crack team to help the Allies fend off the invaders

LogoChinaChina's Interworld Anti-Terrorist Tactical Assault Squad

CIATTASor CIATTAS [Say-Taz] for short, this squad was sent in to help out Wars World fight off the GLA. The team consists of 3 Red Guard, a Minigunner, a Tank Hunter, and an Overlord Tank.

Roman Wars

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Squad 13


Squad 13. Left to right:'Sarge', Leon, 'Pulse', Sam, Keith, Mark.

In the new Black Hole Invasion, Orange Star began a new plan to train up their troops: place them in command of more experienced veterans. Needless to say, it wasn't thought through very well, and Squad 13 was one of the results.

LogoMajor Carl Jackson: Squad leader. Little bit annoyed about suddenly being in charge of lower ranks. Called 'Sarge' despite being a Major.

LogoSergeant Leon Maxim: Heavy Weapon Specialist. Never actually used one.

LogoSergeant 'Pulse': Sniper. Has no personal information, not even a Wikipedia page.

LogoPFC Sam Piefold: Intel Operator. Thinks he's street. He's actually car park.

LogoPFC Keith Keithton: EOD. Nice suit.

LogoPrivate Mark Redshirt: Recruit. Christ, is that his name? That can't be good...



The mech leader of the group who does most of the talking and commanding. He is a natural leader with a good sense of danger and justice.


The recon. It is unknown which is Trevor, or if they both named themselves Trevor to confuse people.
Sturm chasers logo

From left to right: Mark, Ryan, Ugene, Trevor, and Steve.


A regular infantryman who doesn't talk too much. He is quiet but a loyal and brave soldier.


Another infantryman with the unfortunate habit of falling over when he runs. This is often used for a comic effect as in epsode 2.


The newest addition to the SC, he is a reliable spotter who is first introduced in episode 1. Not much is known about him, but it has been seen that he uses his binoculars with glasses...

The Sturm Wars

Inspired by Bob Squad 18, where Sturm discovers a shipload of office supplies and decides to make a shredder army. The conquest goes off the rails, and the dark secrets of the world's most powerful faction were uncovered. The series concluded in epic, 58 minute, made-for-YouTube finale.

Vincent Loxson

The noob guy. He has recently been signed on to train under the best: The Bob Squad! He's a private. Originally from the Solaria Region. While an atrocious soldier, he is apparently a master Pokemon trainer, and secretly smuggled his Aggron around in his pocket.

He looks like a Black Hole soldier in orange armor. During his basic training, he was able to make a megatank do an aerial flip.

Following the war, he reassembled his old Pokemon team. He has also married Lilly Marconi and is currently living happily ever after.

Lilly Marconi (sometimes misspelled as "Macaroni")

A kick-butt soldier and Vincent's girlfriend. She is a Lieutenant in the Black Hole Army (Cereal Number 1337, i.e., Frosted Flakes). She wears a cut-down, purple variant of the Black Hole uniform. She is a formidable martial artist. She was also a Pokemon trainer in the past, though her Pokemon have not been seen.

Following the war, she reassembled her old Pokemon team. She has also married Vincent Loxson and is currently living happily ever after.


Formerly known as Mallard. Embarassed by his name (his dad was called "Jack" Sparrow) he decided to change his name to Eagle.

His original name made him thin-skinned and short-fused, thus his fighting with the redhead Jess (who is also a vitriolic person).

After sacrificing Hitler to the Dark God of Office Supplies, he reigns as Green Earth's new supreme leader.


She is known as a calm, intelligent woman who enjoys teaching younger C.O.s the ropes. She was killed by her evil twin Odelle, but was cloned back into existence. She is now oddly protective of her hair.


Nell's evil and chronically bald twin, she had delusions of grandeur and wanted to rule the world. She masterminded the entirety of the Sturm Wars, and attempted to use an army of Ninja Nells to wipe out both the Allies and Black Hole. Her plan failed, and in retribution Fhalkyn had her mind destroyed. She is currently residing happily in an insane asylum in Orange Star.


The former owner of the Caulmart superstore. He refused to let Sturm's massive debt to him go unpaid, and was instrumental in winning the final battle. He has given control of Caulmart to his daughter and is currently delving into the darker side of both science and The Force.

A recently aquired document shows him to be a former subcommander of Red Sun...

Daddy (Dead)

Fhalkyn's father, and possibly the best C.O. to ever live. His C.O. power was supposed to be so epic, it would grant him an instant victory- but it took one hundred days to charge. Though sadly deceased, his tactical genius foresaw that a day would come when Fhalkyn would need some serious tactical advice, and so left everything he knew in a fortune cookie, and left the fortune cookie in a hologram machine where Fhalkyn would find it. Truly, one of the smartest men to ever live. Looked oddly like Eagle.

RedsunlogoRed Sun (Reborn)

Red Sun has refused to stay dead and has reclaimed its place of primacy in the world. There were 4 known C.O.s, and now Hawke has become the 5th. The Red Sun army has been rebuilt to full strength, and currently acts as a global police force.

RedsunlogoColonel Vanessa (Dead)

A Red Sun Colonel who was in charge of a facility housing dangerous patients many years ago. Her decision to release the patients came at the cost of her own life, when a C.O. named Scorpio tore her apart. She was willing to sacrifice anyone to ensure her own safety.


Known as "The Crimson Devil" to the Allies, Heath wass Wars World's best sniper and a former Red Sun subcommander . Recent head and eye surgery enabled him to see better and further than any known human- however, his head remained swathed in bandages. He was mortally wounded in the final battle, but he was able to pull off his most perfect shot ever- destroying an entire enemy facility with one shot; afterwards, he bought time for Vincent and Lilly to escape before Black Hole killed him. 

A recently recovered document refers to a "Subject 13"- a man with skills and abilities similar to Heath's. Could they be the same person?


LordFhalkynAside from undiminished martial prowess, his floor-wiping abilities and a superb tactical mind, his trench coat works along the same lines as Sturm's hat. Or does the hat work along the same lines as the coat?

As the Commander-in-Chief of the Red Sun meritocracy, he met no enemy who could defeat him on the battlefield, except through endless waves of soldiers. In hand-to-hand, he was invincible, in spite of any advantages an enemy might've had. Unlike many villains, his ambitions to dominate Wars World actually came into fruition, but then collapsed when the Allied Nations set aside their rivalries. Their superior numbers- in manpower, equipment, and COs- overwhelemed even his tactics. When his last hope, codenamed Project: Titan, failed, he surendered, but secretly ordered his COs to evacuate and preserve what remained of Red Sun. He was in stasis for decades so that he could survive his 300 trillion consecutive life sentences. Released and granted amnesty, his abilities swiftly returned (he managed to trick Sturm into exposing his army to a nuclear bomb), allowing him to mastermind the Beta Land invasion. When Black Hole was finally obliterated, he reestablished Red Sun in Beta Land and resumed leading it.

After Von Bolt beheaded Kenbei's mother, he gave her indestructible katana to Fhalkyn, who never went anywhere without it. He has returned the weapon to Kenbei as a peace offering.

Following the war, Fhalkyn married Sonia, and was too busy leading Red Sun to challenge her position of supremacy in their household. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Hits: Torch-and-burn ops, video games, doing nothing

Misses: Losing, surrender, Odell (who is Nell's evil twin sister.... come to think of it, nobody liked her.)

Day-to-day abilities All units had 200% more firepower and defense, and a +1 to movement, vision, and attack range. As he only used the elite of Red Sun, his forces were not affected by any type of terrain or weather. He could see into hiding places during Fog of War.
Normal Power Lord Fhalkyn has no normal power. If he did, he fused it with the Dreadnoughts to enhance their unstoppable-ness. He only has a Super Power now...
Super Power

Nuclear Missile: When this power was availible, he would order a nuclear missile to launch from a silo to strick the center of the battlefield, dealing 3 damage to all units. Not exactly the most powerful of CO abilities, but due to the radiation, it was the only power capable of destroying units.

This power is currently defunct, as all known Red Sun missile silos were destroyed at the end of the war.


Formerly a Black Hole CO, he defected when Sturm attempted to kill him and now serves Red Sun. Still obsessed with Black Coffee. However, it seems his abilities have changed somewhat since he defected...

Hawke has remained with Red Sun and serves as one of its most powerful C.O.s.

Hits: Black Coffee (any other is just plain wimpy), committing High Treason

Misses: Sturm, being eaten alive by Shredders, not having coffee

Day to Day abilities Still 110% firepower, but his defense seems to have increased to 130% and his counterstrike power is now multiplied by 1.2. Perhaps he has visited Sonia's lab?
Normal Power Red Tide: Still deals 1 damage to all enemy units, and still heals his units by one. But now it reduces enemy movement by one. This ability stacks on weather conditions (so if the weather reduced your movement by one, it's now reduced by 2)...
Super Power Blood Storm: Still deals two damage to all enemy units, and still heals his units by two. But now it reduces enemy movement to zero...


Sierra (real name Kira Volkov) is a one-eyed commander born in Blue Moon but who ended up serving Red Sun. She
apparently oversaw the facilities where inhumane experiments were conducted. She was also a chain smoker who smoked regardless of "No Smoking" signs, and she relied upon cloned respiratory systems to allow her to survive her addiction. She has an unhealthy interest in the Patients, and apparently has minor psychic empathy. Apparently quite the beauty, she has been underestimated many, many times.

With the war over, Sierra has become a politician, and is doing a little too well.

Hits: Glaring at random strangers, psychological warfare, smoking, tormenting hapless victims

Miss: Having her tactics used against her, unfounded accusations against her character

According to seized files, Sierra was the diplomat of Red Sun. Her unsettling appearance, coupled with her shrewd mind, enabled her to wheel and deal adroitly with enemy politicians. Her true strength, however, was shown on the battlefield, where she would employ morale-decreasing tactics to force her enemies into surrender, rather than annihilating them outright.

She also served as the chief interrogator of Red Sun, known for brutally torturing enemy POWs, traitors, and Patients (she was the one who started the project in the first place. Rumors about her "debauched offspring" continue to circulate, even to this day).

Day-to-day abilities Sierra exceled at psychological and information warfare. Rather than boost her units, she would decrease enemy defences by 3% (after approtriate enemy boosts/decreases, of course).
Normal Power Dissent: Sierra's propoganda campaign would kick into high gear, reducing enemy defences by a further 3% (6% in total).
Super Power Divide and Conquer: Sierra's spies do exactle that, causing enemy defences to be reduced by a further 7% (10% in total). Furthermore, due to disunited enemy citizens and workers, the cost of enemy units was doubled, while funds recieved from enemy bases next turn were halved.



According to seized files, Sonia (real name Akari Tsukino) was second only to Fhalkyn himself in the Red Sun hierarchy. Though an excellent fighter and commander, she served primarily as Red Sun's chief scientist, as she was a brilliant little prodigy from Yellow Comet, and mentored such greats as Dr. Morris and Caulder. She was the architect of the mysterious Project: Titan and is the inventor of many fine technologies in Wars World, such as cloning, transdimensional portals, nuclear power plants, deathrays, infrared sight, teleportation, and root beer, among other things well worth your time and money.

After evacuating Beta Land, Sonia led Red Sun, leading its brutal conquest of Micro Land and the subsequent enslavement of the indigenous population. With Fhalkyn's release, she has ceded command to him.

Surprisingly, though she authorized and oversaw many inhumane experiments, captured documents paint her as a big softy with a fondness for mint-chocolate-chip ice cream.

She has married Fhalkyn and has established herself as the matriarch of the household (which tells you who is better, no?) She has returned to her inventing, making, among other things, a better form of ice cream cone.

Hits: Mint-chocolate-chip ice cream, medical books, Nikolai Tesla, science

Miss: The screams of deranged patients strapped to an operating table, vanilla ice cream, Thomas Edison

Day-to-day abilities Sonia could conceal her unit's HP, ammo, and fuel from her enemies. Her units had a higher defence (130%) and could see into cover during Fog of War, thanks to infra-red goggles.
Normal Power Armor Upgrade: Sonia boosted the defences of all her units by 1%. Not exactly the highest boost, except this boost was permenant for the duration of the battle.
Super Power Infiltration: The attack power of all her units would be boosted by 200% at a corresponding cost to their defence. But her true strength lay in having her dreaded Infiltrators enter unoccupied enemy cities, at full health, and ready to move.

RedsunlogoManfred Von Bolt

Von Bolt Young

The sole heir to the massive Von Bolt fortune, Manfred funded Red Sun's rise to power, first creating Katchon Disposals, Inc. as a front operation, allowing Red Sun to obtain vast quantities of outmoded weapons under the guise of dismantling them, and then by purchasing Beta Land, which nobody wanted, and finally by overseeing the treasury of Red Sun.

Though taciturn in diplomacy, he became a raging juggernaut on the battlefield. Survivors of Von Bolt's campaigns tell tales of him slicing through men like paper with Hearteater (his family's ancestral broadsword), seeming to absorb bullets with no ill effect. He frequently led his troops personally, inspiring them to suicidal bravery, and was the murderer of Kenbei's mother during the brutal Yellow Comet campaign, surviving wounds that should've killed him.

When Red Sun fell, he got the better end of the deal, making off with most of its funding and weaponry. However, he did not take the scientists who specialized in rejuvenation, and so was forced to commandeer Black Hole and attack Omega Land to stave off death (that campaign is told in Advance Wars: Dual Strike).

With the war over, he has since retired to become a real estate broker, and now owns the world's largest driveway.

Hits: Money, hand-to-hand combat, economics, cheating death

Misses: Mercy, poverty, science, "those blasted youngsters"

Day-to-Day abilities Funding his armies out of his own pocket allowed him to produce units at a cheaper price than normal. His units had 120% firepower due to their overwhelming confidence, and could sometimes hit with a super-powerful blow, mimicking Von Bolt's brutality.
Normal Power Iron Legion: His units are inspired to near-suicidal bravery. Their chances of getting a super-strong hit rise to 100%, and they get a 50% boost to defence, and +1 to movement.
Super Power Lightning Storm: A superior version of Ex Machina, Von Bolt called three massive bolts of electricity from the sky, striking a 5x5 area on the map, targeting (in this order) the largest cluster of troops, the  most monetary damage, and the largest cluster of infantry, dealing 3 damage and freezing them until the start of his next turn. He also got the effects of Iron Legion.

Theta Company

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White Zone

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