Custom units are not limited to custom sprites if the unit has a variation in stats to the original unit

Bio's Workshop safety glasses needed!Edit

ELITE, Heavy Infantry, Flame Tank, Flame Trooper, Medic, Gega Tank, Mech'

GemstoneHelix's Surplus Rated E for Explosions!Edit

TriMD Tank, Super Lander, Armored Powning Carrier, Neo Copter, Jackson's Prototype 1, Scorpion Tank, Neo Dog, Jackson's Prototype 2, Jackson's Prototype 3

Tankspwnu Industries take a tent with you before browsingEdit

Treaded Rockets, Heavy Truck, Hetzer Tank, Tiger Tank, Light Tank, Tracked Recon, Omega Tank, Recon Tank, Heavy Tank, MD Neo Tank, Armored Strike Tank, MLRS, Rocket Light Tank, Aztec Light Tank, Soviet T34, Super Tank, Infantry Strike, Light Scout, MD Boat, Hot Rod Tank, "Light Tank", Crazy Tank, Crazy APC, Killer TCopter, Look Out Lander, Armored Recon, Beast Tank

Infantry Hawk's Battle Lab Test our latest equipment for free! (we are not liable for injuries)Edit

Super Battleship

Doplys's Epic Toys (not a child's toy store)

Megatilary Sniper, Sea Tank

Deloryys's factory sold at Sturm's Advance Wars Store!Edit

Mega Infantry, Mega Bomber, Uber Everything Pwnage Machine, Battleship Copter, Sub Fighter, Mega Ranged Unit, Mega Battleship,

'Phoenix' Roost'- Military Surplus and Decomissioned Vehicles Edit

Armoured Bomber, Eagle's personal anti-aircraft unit, T-copter V2, OS Bomber+Ramp, Tacgnol's Longtank, Triple cannon, Megatank V2, Cloning machine, Missiles V2, What have I been smoking?, Flying fortress

Eaglecris's Battle supportEdit

ice cream truck, stealthmegacarriertank, OMG TANK DUD!, anti air copter fighter tank, dump tank,

Rail's CWRR Repair Yards. "We Can Handle Anything."Edit

rail-bound Artillary, Transport Tain,

LordFhalkyn's Armory "Sturm Wars military surplus, and the Experiments, Failed or Otherwise, of Red Sun, as well as Other Miscellaneous Blasts From the Past"Edit

Flamethrower, Fire Cannon, Sniper, Red Sun Dreadnought, "Big Bertha", Infiltrator, The Patients, Shadow Company, Project: Titan, Submarine Landers, Red Sun Psychic Adept, Riot Trooper, Pylon

Templeton Navigation Systems' Maroon Mob"Edit

Visual Jeep, Spec-Ops Infantry, Spec-Ops Mech, Torta, Invisible Banshee, Necro Moon Rocks (More like this cheap drug that increases Unit ammo by +1000), Annoying Principal Scorchorus Pistachio, The Apex, Evolution Wolf, Prime Oracle, Heavy Loaded Oozium

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