Advance Wars Comedians Wiki
ELITE profile image.png
Cost: 25000G

Orange star

Strong against: infantry, light armour, and copters. weak against: Bombers, Heavy armour

Blue Moon

Strong against: vehicles, aircraft, naval units. weak against: anti infantry weapons

Green earth

strong against: aircraft, light armour. weak against: heavy armored units

Yellow Commit

Strong against: infantry, weak units. weak against: direct units

Black Hole

strong against: infantry: light vehicles. weak against: aircraft

ELITEs are units unique to each faction in both function and form. All ELITEs are bought at a whopping price of 25000G, but they are quite a menace once deployed. Each ELITE also has unique movement stats, this can be used to your advantage, but can also make things difficult: The Orange Star ELITE traverses mountains slower than plains, but are fast on roads and properties, the Blue Moon ELITE can't enter rivers, but is unaffected by forest, The Green Earth ELITE gains more defense points than the others, the Yellow Commit ELITE is affected by nothing and is faster than the others, and the Black Hole ELITE can't enter mountains.

Orange Star ELITE[]

OrangeStarELITEworld.gifThe Orange Star ELITE is good all around, just like most of the Orange Star COs. They can take on almost everything, ranging from infantry, to tanks, to copters. But they aren't very good against Md Tanks, however, Md Tanks aren't very good against them ether.

Attack Power %


Mech.gifMech 230
Recon.gifRecon 180
Tank.gifTank 110
Artillary.gifArtilarry 150
Rocket.gifRocket 170
AA.gifAA Tank 140
Missile.gifMissle 190
APC.gifAPC 100
Md Tank.gifMd Tank 40
Neo.gifNeo Tank 30
Meg Tnk.pngMega Tank 20
B-Copt.gifB-Copter 200
T-Copt.gifT-Copter 150
Fighter.gifFighter N/A
Bomber.gifBomber N/A
BShip.gifBattleship 20
Cruiser.gifCruiser 30
Lander.gifLander 20
Sub.gifSub N/A

Blue Moon ELITE[]

BlueMoonELITEworld.gifThe Blue Moon ELITE focuses on anti armour and anti copter. If the target has a wide serface area, they can handle it, but as soon as other infantry are involved, you need to get some anti infantry backup, otherwise you wasted your cash.

Attack Power %
Inf.gifInfantry 10
Mech.gifMech 15
Recon.gifRecon 230
Tank.gifTank 180
Artillary.gifArtilarry 240
Rocket.gifRocket 270
AA.gifAA Tank 170
Missile.gifMissle 280
APC.gifAPC 250
Md Tank.gifMd Tank 100
Neo.gifNeo Tank 90
Meg Tnk.pngMega Tank 50
B-Copt.gifB-Copter 240
T-Copt.gifT-Copter 200
Fighter.gifFighter 70
Bomber.gifBomber 50
BShip.gifBattleship 40
Cruiser.gifCruiser 60
Lander.gifLander 50
Sub.gifSub 70

Green Earth ELITE[]

GreenEarthELITEworld.gifThe Green Earth ELITE is most focused on anti-air, however, it can still pack quite a punch to low armour and infantry. However, when on the defensive is when they are most vulnerable.

Attack Power %
Inf.gifInfantry 50
Mech.gifMech 65
Recon.gifRecon 70
Tank.gifTank 55
Artillary.gifArtilarry 60
Rocket.gifRocket 80
AA.gifAA Tank 30
Missile.gifMissle 80
APC.gifAPC 40
Md Tank.gifMd Tank 15
Neo.gifNeo Tank 10
Meg Tnk.pngMega Tank 5
B-Copt.gifB-Copter 270
T-Copt.gifT-Copter 290
Fighter.gifFighter 250
Bomber.gifBomber 250
BShip.gifBattleship N/A
Cruiser.gifCruiser N/A
Lander.gifLander N/A
Sub.gifSub N/A

Yellow Commit ELITE[]

YellowCommitELITEworld.gifThe Yellow Commit ELITE is one of the fastest and is excellent in infantry combat, Sami beware. They have an indirect range of 5 spaces but can still attack directly. They are however the most lightly armored out of all the ELITEs and must be used carefully. There attack power is increased as much amount as the target unit is damaged: a full health target yields no bonus, but a target down to 5HP yields a 50% attack bonus for the ELITE.

Attack Power %
Inf.gifInfantry 250
Mech.gifMech 275
Recon.gifRecon 40
Tank.gifTank 5
Artillary.gifArtilarry 10
Rocket.gifRocket 15
AA.gifAA Tank 1
Missile.gifMissle 15
APC.gifAPC 25
Md Tank.gifMd Tank 1
Neo.gifNeo Tank 1
Meg Tnk.pngMega Tank 1
B-Copt.gifB-Copter 15
T-Copt.gifT-Copter 10
Fighter.gifFighter N/A
Bomber.gifBomber N/A
BShip.gifBattleship N/A
Cruiser.gifCruiser N/A
Lander.gifLander N/A
Sub.gifSub N/A