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"Fire Cannon" was the collective name of a line of powerful cannons. Armed with powerful flamethrowers, they could cook enemy infantry in seconds. Tank armor could not be penatrated, but hatches would melt shut, and the armor would heat, effectively turning the tanks into superheated ovens.

Fire Cannons saw their main deployment during the Violetnam conflicts, as Fhalkyn sought to "level the playing field" against the guerilla fighters by destroying their cover: the rainforests.


  • Flaming Wheel: A precursor of Black Hole's Laser Cannon, the Flaming Wheel was deployed at chokepoints to eradicate enemy units swiftly with its 360-degree range. As one had to be adjacent to the cannon to hurt it, one was always vulnerable to its devastating firepower. The only downside was that Red Sun's soldiers (excepting the fireproof Flamethrowers and Fhalkyn's heavily armored personal troops ) were vulnerable.
  • Blazer: Fondly referred to as "The Barbeque Grill" by Red Sun soldiers, this was the precursor to the Black Hole Minicannons. It could lob fireballs that, while weak, were fuled with napalm, and would thus burn the enemy long after the cannon was destroyed. Water only made the fire burn faster. Nasty, nasty stuff.
  • Fire Mortar: The precursor to the Black Cannon, the Fire Mortar would lob massive fireballs for terrific damage (the fires would also burn down forests). This mighty weapon could also be tuned to demolish large swathes of forest so that Red Sun could oust the guerillas fighting there. It could also create permenant pillars of flame in former forests to counter Fog of War.
  • Hellfire Cannon: The precursor to the Deathray (and possibly an early form of the Deathray), this mighty weapon could spew a deadly inferno of nuclear fire at Red Sun's enemies, while leaving their units untouched. The only known deployments of this terrifying weapon were in the siege of Violetnam's capital, and in the defence of Project: Titan.