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Heavy Infantry
Heavy profile image.PNG
Cost: 3000G

Strong Against

Infantry, light armour

Weak against

anti infantry

Black Hole has none of this unit


dispite having less firepower than Mechs, Heavy Infantry are capable of capturing 33% faster, and have slightly more armour.


Attack Power %


Mech.gifMech 55
Recon.gifRecon 18
Tank.gifTank 6
Artillary.gifArtilarry 20
Rocket.gifRocket 30
AA.gifAA Tank 6
Missile.gifMissle 30
APC.gifAPC 21
Md Tank.gifMd Tank 1
Neo.gifNeo Tank 1
Meg Tnk.pngMega Tank 1
B-Copt.gifB-Copter 10
T-Copt.gifT-Copter 35
Fighter.gifFighter N/A
Bomber.gifBomber N/A
BShip.gifBattleship N/A
Cruiser.gifCruiser N/A
Lander.gifLander N/A
Sub.gifSub N/A