Advance Wars Comedians Wiki

During my time making The Sturm Wars, I used and produced a massive- and I do mean massive- volume of material. Taking the time to post the images and/or links would be useless.

What I have done is compress it all into a single .zip file and upload it onto the internet. It contains not only the original files I used to make this series, but also some added goodies (like music and sound effects.) Access is all here. Don't worry, it doesn't contain viruses or anything.

Keep in mind, some files are in .xcf form, and cannot be opened without Gimp (or maybe an equivalent program like Photoshop, but I'm not sure about that.)

My completion of The Sturm Wars marked the end of an era. May you create a worthy successor.

-Lord Fhalkyn, 30 December, 2015