Advance Wars Comedians Wiki

Episode 1


I've decided to make it in two parts, hope you enjoy

Episode 2


the continuation
don't mind the "pitiful lives" message, i don't have the resources to make such a battle scene.
PS: the red thing on the guy's face in the credits is his tongue.

Episode 3


red company just crossed a bridge in the city and- wait, WHAT'S THAT!? Idono.

Episode 4


Nell sends Red Company on a secret mission! And the Identity of Super Red is revealed!

Episode 5 (Bonus 1)


meh, I was bored.

Episode 6


You need to play C&C Generals to get my Tank Hunter joke.

Episode 7


It turned out to be allot shorter than I thought it would be.
I was going to add a bunch of meteor Sturms to the beginning but i was too lazy.

Episode 8


at least it's longer than episode 7.

Bonus 2


If it was in game, it would PWN!

Episode 9


The beginning scene is longer than the actual episode because it will continue!

Episode 10

Not done


No, Red Company doesn't die.

Episode 11


sorry for the different quality, it was made in school, different XP than mine.

Episode 12

Nice day out in the country. I wish i came up with more.

Bonus 3


I made the sprites in school and decided to use them.

Episode 13


the continuation.
if I would have known i was making a continuation, i wouldn't have put The End after it, sorry for any confusion

Bonus 4


this is a parody of ICTON's and Machinima's Profound moments of Left 4 dead 2.

Bonus 5


Sturm puts his new hover hands to good use, than they short circuit.

Bonus 6


my final project for my Canadian studies class was to sum up everything i learned in a creative way, making a video wasn't on the list XD. but hey teacher approved it!

Bonus 7


CAUTION: References abundant!

Episode 14

Bonus 8


the cut-off prevention wasn't cut off...

Bonus 9

Episode 15

Episode 16

Bonus 10.1

Bonus 10.2

Bonus 10.3

Bonus 10.4

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

Bonus 11

Episode 20 part 1

Part 2