From left to right: Squad 13, RED COMPANe, Rail's Unit, Sturm Chasers, Hurricane Squad, Bob squad, Hypermark. . . . . If you are an animator, please copy this image and add your team

in order of release

Bob Squad

The first advance wars series on Youtube, Bob squad explores the hilarity of what would happen if Sturm DIDN'T die, and kept going all the way through "Days of Ruin". And bombers. Lotsa bombers.

Advance Wars 4 - Black Hole's Fall

Black Hole returns...again? Well, it's up to our team of randomly chosen heros to do something about it!

Focused heavily on the implications of messing with the laws of logic and decency around the commanders, the series deliver a twisted narrative...and random references...LOTS of them...

It might also have a storyline from time to time...but problems are usually resolved whitin the same episode...leaving something for the big picture of course!

Advance Wars Cinema

Zeta 21st

Theta Company

Sturm's Return

It begins two years after the end of the Omegaland War, right at the spot where the Macroland War ended. At the foot of what used to be an Armageddon Missile. Sturm rises from the grave to get his revenge and to take over War's World. He gathers all the old Black Hole C.O.s and recruits two new ones, Adders younger sister, Substa. And the highly intelligent and shifty "Scarecrow". Black Hole was able to push almost all the Allied Nations C.O.s back into Giga Land, a huge contaminant that suffers from terrible weather. The War is at a point where if the Allied C.O.s lose it's game over for Wars World.

This series is no longer active, due to RailMachanic1 seeing how he was turning it into another series centered around his charicter Rail.

Rail's Unit

A Series about the young C.O. Rail and the wacky situations that his unit and guests get into.

Roman Wars

Hurricane Squad

Sturm Chasers

A series created by Luo1122 on youtube. It follows the journeys of squad 12 (The SturmChasers) as they pursue Strum to foil his "evil" plots. The first episode was released January 12, 2009 and is one of the middle series, after Bob Squad, Black Hole's Fall, Advance Wars Cinema, Fungi company, Hurricane Squad, and others.

Episode 1

Nell gives Squad 12 gets their first mission of checking out some of orange stars borders. Andy attempts to tag along with questionable reasons hinting to his ambitions. Squad 12 meets Mark, a spotter who is new to the squad and is surveying the area. He finds Hawke and Sturm right at the border with Nell kidnapped. It is also revealed that the Nell back at HQ is a clone. Rachel orders the Nell clone to be taken away and fires rockets on Sturm and Hawke who conveniently forget Nell as they run away while the Squad 12 rescues her. They are given their squad name at the end of the episode: The Sturmchasers. Their new goal is to chase Sturm around and foil any of his plots.

Episode 2

The Sturmchasers are at HQ when Ugene and Andy suddenly disappeared. Smelling a plot Steve leads the S(turm)C(hasers) out to find the two. Upon scouting Ugene comes running back screaming about coffee and his mom, tripping in the process. He is taken back while the SC continue to scout. They find Hawke and Sturm having a dispute about Andy who turns out to be another robot/clone. They also have possession over the almighty sound control of the series and fight for it with hilarious results. In the end the sound control breaks when Hawke uses his CO power on it and the SC return to HQ to report their findings.

Episode 3

The SC return to HQ and tell Nell what happened. Nell directs them to Ugene who is watching a Tv show called Prime Tactics, hosted by Lash. Steve blows up the T.V. and tells Ugene the situation, and the SC are reunited and back to work. Meanwhile, Sturm and Hawke mourn the loss of their "dog" the sound control. This leads to another fight, over the sound a dog makes and Von Bolt enters the scene while they tangle away. Von Bolt now owns the sound control although he is disgusted at the coffee on it.

Episode 4

Von Bolt tries to make the sound control work, and ends up playing Justin Beiber instead. A green earth bomber happens by and is startled by the music, dropping bombs on Von Bolt and causing him to fly into a road without his chair. The rest of Von Bolts journey is told in Advance Wars Collab. The SC arrive at the scene of the bombs and find that Sturm has built a new sound control. When Sturm is about to use it however, the Green earth bomber falls on them due to Von Bolts chair taking them out of the sky. The SC go back to HQ after the rest of their army reports finding Andy, but something is fishy about "Andy".

'Doom Squad

A random brain-fart by celestial phoenix. Coarse language and general immaturity lie ahead with this.

Ep 1- Ice Lake Armies

Jess and Drake advance across the frozen lake to rescue Kanbei's megatanks from black hole.

Ep 2-The Sky's the limit

Jess and Eagle attack Back Hole with their new paratrooper unit.

Last episode with an actual plot. (Also a personal favorite)

Ep 3- Superyourmommalandoftherings

Andy and Jake duke it out 'yo momma' style

Ep 4- Jingle Fart

Can it get any worse?

Ep 5- Jackass

I think it can

Ep 6- The show must go on

The team tries to produce an introduction for the series

Ep 7- Channel Surfin'

Just another day on omega land

Ep 8 - Oh dear god NO!!

got a few ideas, might or might not happen

White Zone

Don Quijavier


Intro: A new plagiarism arose in tandem with Exxman ...

This time it's Don QuiJavier ... Guess who is Plagiarism!

Here you can see how it gets rid of the problems peculiar character EST ...

Javier: You can know what happens?

Black Hole: Committee I of the Anti-Schizophrenia.

I have ordered you removed.

Javier: I challenge anyone who has survived!

Black Hole: BOTH CAN MOVE?!

Great ... Now what?




Enjoy the rest of the theme of Javier ...

Advance Wars: an Ongoing Dispute

no longer exists

Venture Squad

The Advance Wars Collaboration episode

This 11 min. long episode was created by animators Infantryhawke, Eaglecris, Luo1122, Gemstonehelix, Doplys, Octopi1 and Realcelestialphoenix. It is currently the longest advance wars comic episode. A small plot hole is addressed in Sturm Chasers Episode 4.

Advance Wars 2, Le reigne de Sturm

Episode 1 translation

Sturm: Kat, come to me!

Kat(Lash): Here I am Lord Sturm.

Sturm: Is that you designed the gun Noestra?

Kat: Yes, my lord. There was a problem there?

Sturm: No, no, instead I congratulate you for this wonderful invention,

Thanks to him, I have had my cause Rali soldiers of our enemies, haha!

The bomber is the proof. Your competence will be rewarded.

Kat: Thank you, Lord Sturm ...

AA gunner: What's the deal? Call the general, it attque or not?

Sturm: FIRE!

Mwahaha! welcome to the most powerful weapon in the world. Black Hole! Mwahaha!

Now go conquer the neighboring town and its HQ!

coverted: The Lord Sturm reclame this city then JOIN us or die.

Yellow Commit: What are - you?! Go - in here!

converted: Very well, then die.

Sturm: Mwahahaha! I forgot to tell you, this gun has a different specificitee.

It can make a stronger unit 3x, Sorry about that!

My army is expanding at oeuil for my power is concentrated, I can now let go my giant meteor on the army of Blue Moon.

=Super Power=: meteor attack

Sturm: Very Good! Blue moon is out of play! Canon Noestra! going Green Earth, and capture me aditional units. so I could send a meteor, of Yellow Comet. Do not disappoint me ...

Black Hole: Capture this city for the Lord Sturm.

Green Earth: Hey! you! you made ​​in this town?! You do not know that it is private?!

Black Hole: Tsss! w-What is th-this thing?

Green Earth: Our technology has evolved since the Black hole attacked last year,

But back to my question, what are you doing here?

You keep silent?! You have 5 seconds to clear ...

5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Farewell ...

I hate Black Hole!

Episode 2 Translation

Maverik(Hawke): Soldier! Get ready for the rebellion! Sturm come here when you will fire!

It is time to dethrone this thing from the command of the Black Hole Army,

ME is one size for the leadership of this great power!

Maverik: Lord Sturm, we have a problem in the forest, the troops you require.

Sturm: You? a problem? Maverik you disappoint me,

You are by far my best General, Anyway, I'll be right, your incompetence disappoint me enormously.

Maverik: Sturm comes, get ready to fire!

Sturm: Maverik here I am, what is the problem?

Maverik: That ... that ... what's that? Explain yourself Lord Sturm!

Sturm: You really take me for a cretin? You never had a problem in 7 years,

And suddenly you called me? Do not underestimate me Maverik!

Maverik: Attack!

Sturm: Your insolence is deserving of punishment ...

=Super Power=: meteor attack

Sturm: Now you're alone! CHALLENGE me if you dare!

Maverik: TSSS! haha! I have this gun in hand, your fate in my hands from now on.

Sturm: Think, if you draw, My Megatank is going to demolish you.

Very well ... I am ready to give you the same grade as me, Maverik is the Lord! It suits you on?

Black Hole: Get out of that plane!

In the name of the Lord Sturm, we fly the bomber punishment insolence of your past,

we have a Megatank attacks.

Sturm: Maverick! I'll settle with a different Green Earth, guard the HQ.

Maverick: Sturm OK, call me if it goes wrong.

Sturm: I thought of you ...

Sturm: Hear what's your band problem ******* ******** ***!

uh ... sorry I got carried away, you will be paid for the destruction,

My Canon Noestra!

Green Earth: Oh no! It's Sturm! grrrrr! I hate him! Pull!

Sturm: Haha! the joke, my Megatank is enhanced thanks to the ingenious Kat!

My next target will be Yellow Comet ...

Fight Sequence & Other Stuff

Non-linear series by Celestial Phoenix Animation. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

So far: (This would be a spoiler alert, but there's nothing to spoil) (Order released)

Ep.1 - Thunderpies are Go!

Still reeling from the loss of Olaf, Colin launches a suicide attack with his only non-cardboard unit- the Thunderpies. Kanbei advances against Lash and Flak- Adder was 'fired' by Lash. Meanwhile the Animators try decide what to do about the fighting, but that doesn't quite go to plan. METEOR STURM!!! Sami mounts Jetpie- the last surviving Thunderpie in an attempt to bring down the offending sturm clone. Eagle also give chase against Cobra.

Ep.2 - Air Assult

The offending sturm clone was destroyed, at the loss of Jetpie. Sami goes on the attack, but is captured by Cobra at the west outpost. Orange Star promptly diverts the air squadron to attempt a rescue- But are matched by black hole. Then with a flash of green- Phoenix cuts a megatank in half and meets up with Cobra+Sami.

Ep.3 - For Honor and Glory

Trailer released- All out war between Kanbei & Flak.

2nd Trailer released- Flak is pounding the crap out of kanbei's army with a megatank. Kanbei shows some swish moves with his sword.

In all honesty don't expect this ep anytime soon :C ,I'm buried under coursework, then I've got a metric fukton of exams to revise for, as soon as that's cleared I've got to start my dissertation thesis (10,000 words- ounch!)

Background info and Trivia

-The 'Plot' in FSI was originally intended to be the Grand Finale for the A.W. Collab Episode. It then decided against because it just wouldn't fit. So I quickly created the Hollywood style red carpet scene.

-This is probably why Lash refers to 'the power of grayskull', instead of "fire back damn it!", as Gem wouldn't approve the swearing.

-The Sky Chase/Meteor Duel in FSI is about 70% frame-by-frame animation. All the explosions in this Ep are frame-by-frame.

-Adder's clones were created to address some of the plot holes, as this originally didn't have a plot.

-It's non-linear for the same reason.

-APCs and Bombers can carry abnormally large loads.

-Lash's voice was done my my Ex girlfriend. Apparently this was the most embarassing thing she ever had to do.

-There is no God-mode, all the characters are -in fact- mortal. Just. Very. Hard. Too. Kill.

-The Original Adder is actually killed in FSI. The 1st Cobra Clone is hunted by Eagle in the same Ep, while a second captures Sami in FSII.

-The 'Doom in 'Doom squad is short for 'Rand00m'- the 2nd title for the series.

-To speak like Colin, put your tongue between you lower jaw and bottom lip.

-'Doom squad 4 was inspired by the fact that all the full body sprites looks like the character is 'passing wind'

-'Doom squad 5 was inspired by a 'youtube poop' showing clips from 'Ed, Edd and Eddy' set to the Jackass theme.

-'Doom squad 2 is still my peronal favourite.

Other Stuff:

The Silent War

A silent film depicting the harshness and brutality of war.

And the harshness and brutatlity of animators block.

The Penny Finally Drops

Phoenix and Max discuss Christmas (presents).


A series created by BionicleManF on youtube. A random series where random things happen. The first episode was made on August 05, 2010 and was aired on August 12, 2010.

The series is about a team called Red Company who are sent on seemingly random missions but the objectives for each mission aren't very clear... almost as if there isn't one at all!

Background Information!

Two videos were created before RED COMPANe's release, an intro (that didn't get a soundtrack) depicting an entire regiment as red company, and a very old episode (made on Microsoft PowerPoint, which is why it wasn't released) following a completely different storyline than Red Company, also this episode was made in 2004, making it the very first Advance wars Comic video EVER! It was, however lost at a forgotten point of time, luckily, i remember every part of it.

alpha intro

the original intro of Red Company was of Bio, walking onto screen, getting "..." at something, then shooting randomly; then a whole bunch of Orange Star units fall from the sky. they then all get crushed by the, now Beta (first episode) intro, title screen.

Alpha episode 1

an Orange Star soldier walks onto screen, then moments later, gets rammed by a recon, sending him flying into the forest in the distance. the recon decides to go and retrieve him.

in the forest, the driver gets out and stands on a shaking pile of dirt (where the soldier was buried on impact), takes out binoculars and scans the horizon for him. after not seeing him he leaps off the pile of dirt and walks to the recon. but before he gets in, he turns around and kicks the pile of dirt away, revealing a helmet. The helmet starts to shake and the soldier pops out of the ground. after a quick pause the soldier hits the recon driver, "killing" him, then destroys the recon, starts jumping, then runs off.

he is then seen, in sky view, approaching an Orange Star base, he enters the HQ, then runs out really quickly into a factory, grabbing a recon, the recon breaks so he steps out in front of it, kicking the front, it starts up and runs him over, after getting up, the HQ explodes (he planted a bomb in it). some tanks come out of the forest and chase him to the airport, where he grabs a bomber and takes off.

episode ends.

Beta series

all episodes that did not have the final Character design. all marked with a *.

*Episode 1

Red Company is sent to capture a city, but there is a Black Hole Turret Blockade in the way. Luckily for Red Company, they are very untrained and blow themselves up, letting Red Company pass unharmed. They all ride on the recon into the city but the recon breaks down because it wasn't made to support so much weight, so they go find other means of transportation.

*Episode 2

the continuation of episode 1. Red company have too cross a mountain range to the eastern shore, but an armada of Black Hole units are blocking there way, so they find a factory and upgrade the Humvee. And with the help of BionicleManF as there CO, they are able to destroy the armada all on there own and make it across the map.

*Episode 3

After crossing a bridge, they are stopped by Sturm Strum, but they can't tell it's him because he's too far away. A white Nebula (Eaglecris' is Gray Nebula!) soldier comes and has a conversation with Red Company about strum which annoys him so he uses his Meteor Strum on the White Nebula Infantry, leaving nothing but his helmet. Private comes running out and starts crying, and gets mad at Strum. But the White Nebula Infantry had survived and comes back with a White Nebula Mech Unit, who then blasts Strum into the distance.

*Episode 4

Nell gets information that there is huge movement of Black Hole units moving through the mountains, and that Sturm is leading the advance. She contacts the team closest to that area, Red Company, to check it out. They find out it's not Sturm leading the advance, but a Black Hole ELITE. Corperal then changes to Super Red and attacks them, and utterly fails at it. The ELITE then comes to finish him off but is blown away by a body bag filled with explosives. Super Red claims all the credit for the victory.

Background Information!

at the beginning, with the conversation between Nell and her clerk, the clerk said "There on your <deck> ma'am." he was supposed to say desk, but i somehow hit C... this was also pointed out at the end of episode 7.

*Episode COOKIE! (5)

just a filler while trying to come up with a new episode idea

*Episode 6

The first mission with an actual objective. Red company is sent into enemy territory, were they meet a new enemy. While Pilot is sent on a peace mission, but the real owner of Pilot's Humvee is in the peace talk group, and want's his Humvee back.

Background Information!

in the intro sequence, despite Sturm only hitting Lash and the game board with his Meteor Sturm, it also somehow destroyed the HQ...

*Episode 7

Continuing off of Episode 6, BionicleManF fights the Quad Cannon that engaged them and wins with ease. And Pilot gets chased.

*Episode 8

still continuing, Red company infiltrates the Black Hole base and successfully steal a prototype weapon, well, pieces of it. After bringing it back to base they make a prototype of there own.

Background Information!

Sturm's text box being red was originally an accident, Private claiming to have changed it was an improvisation due to laziness of wanting to fix it.

Episode 9

Red Company is informed they are going on a co-op mission with Bob Squad.

Episode 10

see here

Episode 11

Red Company discover a new nation from the future, White Nebula.

Episode 12

Red Company hang out in a Blue Moon Village after Pilot crashes the Humvee into one of the houses.


Sturm and the other BH COs find the new sprite sheet, somehow leading Sturm to kill Flak, so they ask the other COs if they want to replace him.

Episode 13

continuing off of episode 12 Red Company is given a new CO for there next mission, which never happens.

Random 1

Red Company watches some Profound Moments of Left 4 Dead 2.

Sturm's Valentine

a disturbing relationship between man and machine

Remastered Version

all episodes, and previous episodes will now be released with added sound effects!


Short, but funny!

Episode 14

Red Company argure with General Townes.

Episode 15

The Global Liberation Army has found it's way into WarsWorld and plans hostile takeover.

Episode 16

Red Company is tasked of finding a GLA battalion and gathering lintel, instead the get ambushed.

Episode 17

The plot starts moving forward as the GLA attack Orange Star and Blue Moon, but are defeated by an unexpected foe!

Background information!

I took a lot of inspiration for Gemstone's fight scenes

There was a scene removed from the fight sequence of Red Comp vs Orange Comp, where Corperal redirects Gunner LOLz' HAXOR Cannon at them.

Advance Wars: The Black Shadow

not enough episodes released to give a good description of this series

Episode 1

a mysterious man breaks into a high security weapons factory. White Nebula joins the Allied Nations.

The Advance Wars Collaboration episode 2 Part 1

made by BionicleManFanatic, Luo1122, InfantryHawk, Eaglecris, LordFhalkyn, and Orhunuva. also the 10th episode of Red Company, Gemstone helix get's captured and it's up to every squad in the AWC universe to rescure him!

Olaf's Quest

Another AW comic by Gemstonehelix. It takes place several years after the "Bob squad" series, in the Days of Ruin campaign setting (on account of Gem getting his hands on the game, hence, more ideas). We follow Olaf through this ravaged world, and see who has survived the apocalypse...

The Sturm Wars

Sturm got his hands on random office supplies from a novelty catalog... random, carnivorous, office supplies...

The show tracks Private Loxson, as he attempts to navigate his way through a shredder-infested world and the dark secrets of the most powerful army in Wars World. But he does have help- his butt-kicking girlfriend Lilly and the best squad ever: the Bob Squad (thanks, Gem!)

The series officially concluded on June 29th, 2015- exactly one day after its 4th birthday.

Retreat Wars

a series of random skits with no plot line or actual purpose to anything

Super Face

BionicleManF, Gemstone Helix, Eaglecris and Luo1122 duke it out by trying to make the most epic face to gain CO power.

Background information!

in this video is the first visual demonstration of Bio's Emberite armour's abilities.


Sturm, looking for Hawk, meets up with Lash, who gives him some disturbing news of his wherabouts,

Background Information!

I was suffering from insomnia when i came up with the plot for this. (so tired, but can't sleep? Here's a creepy episode idea!)

Advance Wars - Hypermark

All the soldiers of Blue Moon and Yellow Comet get captured. But with Purple Nebula and Red Tornado working alongside Black Hole and White Fudge, anything can go wrong! And what good does it when Olaf gets hypnotized, the last sturm clone is fixed and Sturm has just turned into a monster shredder?

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