"Well, I know that they're the best- that they get the best training, weapons, and armor. But I can't imagine that
those masks are very comfortable."

-Unnamed Red Sun soldier.

Shadow Company is a term referring the soldiers under Lord Fhalkyn's personal command. They were capable of moving faster and hitting harder than any other known soldier at the time. They were selected for a combination of initiative, intelligence, and brutality in combat. They were well known for their merciless tactics- only a direct order from Fhalkyn himself could stop them from killing POWs or civillians.

The masks they wore concealed their identities (even altering their voices so that males and females sounded alike) and provided them with protection against the radioactive fallout from Fhalkyn's nuclear bombs. As such, they were assigned to guard key areas, such as the silos housing Fhalkyn's nukes or high-security areas, such as the Project: Titan facility.

Unlike run-of-the-mill squads who were identified by numbers (i.e., Squad 1, Squad 2, etc.), Shadow Company's squads were identified by ominous-sounding names (well known squads include Sulpher, Void, Inferno, and Oxide) intended to rattle eavesdroppers.

With Red Sun's demise, all known Shadow Company units have been disbanded, though a few individuals remain.


Shadow Company soldiers were skilled with every contemporary form of weapon and vehicle, leading to their viewing of enemy combatants as walking armories. Their armor could help them survive a nuclear fallout, and was virtually bulletproof. Grenades and other explosives could slow them... but not stop them. The masks rendered them impervious to gas attacks.

All Shadow Company soldiers were skilled field medics, and could have a wounded soldier up and fighting again in less than thirty seconds.

Their greatest strength, however, lay in the swords presented to each member upon graduation. The swords were specially forged and shaped to enable Shadow Company, with its enhanced reflexes, to deflect bullets and other projectiles back at their enemies. The subcommander [CLASSIFIED] is credited with training them and Fhalkyn in the ability to deflect bullets. The only way to counter this ability was to strike from afar, with weapons like mortars, artillery, and b-ships.