Sniper Stats

  • Cost: ?
  • Movement Speed: ?
  • Attack: ?
  • Range: ?
  • Defence: ?
  • Ammo: ?

Whether or not Red Sun was the first to create the sniper unit is unknown. However, Red Sun was infamous for using them to defend crucial chokepoints. Armed with a powerful rifle that could only be used when deployed, they could eradicate enemy infantry with ease, and had a startling amount of success attacking copters.

A derivation of the Sniper unit- the Turreteer- was meant to hold back ground units. Armed with a heavy machine gun that was usable only when deployed, Turreteers quickly became the bane of all lightly-armored units, and even tanks feared massed fire from multiple Turreteers.

The most famous Sniper is Subject 13, more commonly known as Heath.

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