Prior to the Dual CO system, there was the Subcommander system.

Details and UsageEdit

"Subcommander" was a term used to describe soldiers who would help out a CO in combat. While not as powerful as an actual CO, they would provide useful abilities during combat. Some went on to become actual COs, while others retired, died, or simply vanished. Up to 2 subcommanders could aid a CO at one time. Subcommanders are capable of acting independently of a CO, though they usually have a tough time going head-to-head with and actual CO.

Von Bolt is credited with the invention of this system.

Known Subcommanders and Their Effects on the BattleEdit

The Commander His/Her Effects on Units
Heath All infantry can shoot their machine guns two spaces farther, thanks to cool new scopes.
Caulder All units repair by 2hp on the start of your turn (subtracting from your funds, as normal.) This healing precedes repairs conducted on your properties.
Reverend Samuel Stark The bonuses granted by the Speech ability* rise by 25%
Ai Zhang The attack of your units increases with your funds. Their defense drops accordingly.
Olaf Markov All units unaffected by the snow and gain 5% attack in the snow.
Gamma Random fluctuations in power randomly increase and decrease your attack. The range, however, is never more than 30% above or below your original firepower. (So, for example, Andy's power would range from 70% to 130%).
Mallard All air units use less fuel. Whenever you use your CO power, all air units can move again.
Kenbei All units get a 25% boost in attack and defense, at a corresponding increase in cost (What, you thought all that gold armor and ammo was gonna pay for itself?)
Leopold Schmidt Infantry and naval units are unaffected by rough terrain.
Odval Khan Your C.O. Powers recharge 10% more quickly
[NAME CLASSIFIED] All units have a 75% chance to reflect all incoming direct damage back at an attacker.
  • The speech ability is something all C.O.s (but not subcommanders) had. This ability gives their units a 10% boost in attack and defense until their next turn. However, their units would only buy their rubbish once per battle, so it could only be used once. If used correctly, though, it could turn the tide of a battle in an instant.
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