"The Patients" are a collective name for the unfortunate human guinea pigs Red Sun "aquired" for their experiments. Their mental states range from harmless babblers to truly dangerous lunatics. Patients were typically secured through straightjackets and sedation. Those unfortunate enough to become patients ranged from POWs to volunteers to actual mental patients to dormant C.O.s. The experiments were usually to test newer weapons, but sometimes they would be injected with various diseases so that cures could be devised.

As Red Sun was pushed back during its twilight years, the patients were often killed to hide the evidence of the hideous experiments. Some enterprising commanders, however, spared the hostile ones, in the hopes that they would kill the invaders as they broke into the facilities.

Many Red Sun bases co-opted by both Black Hole and the Allied Nations often have unexplored depths. These depths are occasionally haunted by the patients of varying experiments, and not all who venture there ever return.

A recently recovered document suggests that these creatures, from the lowliest Swamer to mighty Draconis, have a morbid fear of deep water, and so cannot swim, and avoid water if possible. This makes retreating to the sea a viable option to escape these things.


The current known classifications of patients are as follows:

  • Brutes: Strong, fast, tough as a rock and almost as smart. Brute
  • Hulks: No image availible... yet. Basically a bigger version of the Brute, but just a wee bit smarter.
  • Sneaks: Still not the sharpest tool in the box, but cunning enough to dismantle enemy machines. Sneak
  • Haunted: Created from children suffering from chronic phobias, they are terrified of 
    everything to the point of insanity. They behave a lot like the witches from Left 4 Dead. They are often used as bait by the stronger Patients..
  • Electroshock Patients: No image is availible... yet. They appear to be able to conjure and fire electricity from the diodes attached to their heads. Though bound by the maxim that lightning must take the shortest path from the source to the ground, their inheirent malevolence allows them to ignore this rule and fry even those wearing rubber boots and suits.
  • Mad Hatters: No image availible... yet. The most versatile Patient, it is often seen providing overwatch for its landbound companions, attacking with acidic spit and iron spikes (flung with astonishing power and accuracy). No one quite knows how they fly. Some Hatters do not attack, but instead ferry other Patients around.
  • Straightjacket Angels: No image availible... yet. They are able to control their straightjackets like wings. Though rare, they are the scourge of all that fly. 
  • Plague Hounds: No image availible... yet. Injected with numerous diseases, these patients are barely human. They viciously attack anything that comes within range- by blowing themselves up. Upon death, they release an infectious cloud that causes all who make any sort of contact with it to recieve whatever diseases that patient was injected with. 
  • Toxic10: No image availible... yet. It's rare that a Patient is named after its project, yet that's exactly what these are. There were originally 10, all of whom could blast their enemies with toxic waste. Alas, their numbers have grown far beyond 10. 
  • Swarmers: No image availible... yet. The baseline Patient, it is a slavering lunatic who would willingly throw itself upon a sword at the command of a Latent C.O. 
  • Corrupted Files: The inevitable result of the patient's madness infecting a sentient, abiotic being (like Simmons the Neotank).
  • Mummies: No image availible... yet. Dangerously violent patients that had to be doubly restrained to prevent them from hurting others and themselves. They are heavily wrapped in straightjackets and belts to keep them secure.
  • Latent COs: Do not equate their trouble speaking with stupidity. These COs posess the tactical cunning of any two Allied COs. Though their CO powers were latent when they were "admitted", years of torture and insanity have awoken these dormant powers... and these powers are quite dangerous indeed.Latent

Known Latent COsEdit


The weakest of the Latent COs, Scorpio is currently the only one confirmed to be alive. He is currently hiding somewhere in Orange Star, and is being hunted relentlessly by both the Allied Nations and Red Sun.

Day to day abilities

"Scorpio's boundless rage communicates itself to those he commands. Aside from holding the Patient's natural animosty towards each other in check, all his units have 150% attack and counter-strike damage is calculated as though he struck first. His defense, however, is at 25% of what it should be..."

-Quote from a Red Sun lab report.

Normal Power Fling: On the battlefield, all units are randomly teleported to various points on the map. If a unit is incapable of traveling on that kind of terrain (for example, tanks in the ocean) it is automatically destroyed. In hand-to-hand combat, he is able to rip his enemies apart with telekinesis.
Super Power Straightjacket Binding: On the battlefield, it stuns all enemy units, reducing their movement to zero and reducing their attacks and defences by 30%. In hand-to-hand combat, he is capable of controlling his own straightjacket to grab and rip his enemies apart.

The only known female Latent CO, Libra was known for brutally punishing her soldiers upon defeat, even if those soldiers were only wooden chess pieces. In war, she possessed a brilliant tactical mind, able to use her weaker but faster units to surround and overrun superior troops. However, her knowledge and power were no match for thos of Sierra. It is believed that Libra died in torment to fuel Project:Titan.

Day-to-day abilities

"...and even if we don't allow for those variables, Libra's skill is still far and away better than most sane commanders. All of her units move an extra space (most likely due to her sadistic personality), allowing her to reach in one day what would take a normal unit two... ...have proven exceedingly effective in our Fog of War scenarios, able to reduce enemy vision by one..."

-Quote from a ruined document recently recovered.

Normal Power Flog Them Forward: All units gain +3 to speed but take a 30% decrease to defence.
Super Power Corrupt the Fallen: All destroyed enemy units rise as a random Patient. This power is wasted if used against another Latent C.O.

Another Latent CO who is spoken of by Fhalkyn with dread. Draconis was the only CO skilled enough to fight Fhalkyn to a draw, matching his elite horrors against Fhalkyn's Shadow Company. Only after a hundred-day battle did the two agree to a draw, forming an uneasy alliance to combat the looming threat of the Allied Nations. He vanished soon after Beta Land was overrun and hasn't been seen since...

Day-to-day abilities

"...such power should... never seen anything like it. Draconis' tactical prowess... unmatchable... equiped with chains... what have we done? We should never have made him. We should never have plumbed the depths of human depravity- our own depravity. Perhaps it is fitting that he now turns it against us."

- One of the final entries in Fhalkyn's ruined journal.

Normal Power Infectious Insanity: Draconis does not move any of his units; instead, he takes a turn with the enemy units. He can force units of the same C.O. to attack each other.
Super Power Ignore the Pain: Draconis inspires a supernatural fury in his units, causing them to not take any damage for the turn. However, when his turn comes up again, the damage his units take will compound together (so if a unit would've taken 3, 5,and 7 damage on seperate attacks, the damage will compound into 15 on his next turn.) It is, theoretically, possible to rout him by going on the offence while this power is active.
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